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TGIF – January 18, 2019.

How many of these people do we need?

It’s unlikely anyone would like working for free, much less under a compulsion to do so.

That being said, almost all Americans are not OK with the partial government shut down as it relates to people having to work without pay because they are “essential.”

But what about those “nonessential workers?”

One of the departments being discussed is the FDA.

Do we get our money’s worth from them? Considering the reported 10% increase in the number of foodborne illnesses in the past 72 months, we wonder.

Lately it has seemed like we are warned against lettuce or chicken or something almost every week. In fact, these foodborne illnesses are killing 3,000 people a year according to the reports.


Is it that there are a whole lot of irresponsible farmers and processors, or is it because the USDA and FDA aren’t doing a good job of detecting problems before the products make it to store shelves?

We don’t know, but before we call all these nonessential people back, maybe we should find out if we need them.

Why are you here, House member?

If your Congressional representative is back at home already, perhaps you should ask them why.

Monday, Jan. 21 is a Federal holiday, but the House is taking off from then until February 5, according to Roll Call’s congressional calendar. Many actually took off much earlier.

That makes it very hard to see how any meetings or votes could take place for at least the next two weeks.

We don’t have a problem with elected representatives going home for a day or two every few months to collect constituent input.

In 2017, the full Congress worked 145 days out of an available 261. That’s a pretty good deal, if you can get it, for $174,000 a year.  In fact it works out to $1200 a day.

Maybe locking everyone in a room until they get border security and funding for a border barrier  ironed out so we can end the government shutdown is a pretty good idea.

It would sure make life easier for ranchers and property owners whose property abuts said border. It would also cut down on the number of dead immigrants and prayer rugs CBP has to pick up from those rancher’s land.

And finally – ISIS isn’t dead.

ISIS isn’t dead, it’s just relocating. ISIS and other radical jihadi groups are not dead. Would it could be so, but it isn’t. However, pinning our troops down to any single geographic region isn’t going to do much to make that happen.

That said, we wonder why every single administration, including this one, finds it necessary to blab our military plans. Loose lips sink ships.

Who needs spies, when you’ve got Twitter or the New York Times?


You’re grounded!

Sometimes you just have to sit back and chuckle.

We refer to President Trump withdrawing permission for Nancy Pelosi to use a military jet to junket around overseas.

To be perfectly frank, many Americans have a problem with members of Congress using military assets for their own personal use, such as flying home. The Speaker doesn’t work for the State Dept., so it is hard to see what legitimate business she could have overseas.

Actually the House Speaker isn’t truly grounded; she can still fly commercial, or even buy her own jet.

Ostensibly the President’s decision was made because with Pelosi overseas, there will be no chance for her to cooperate in performing her governance duties at home, i.e. working on the border wall issue or the partial government shutdown.

Not that she has any intention of doing that anyway. More than likely, unless she heard of a great shoe sale in Paris, she’s planning to use the trip to undermine Trump.

All along there have been people warning that Democrats need to be careful about overplaying their hand when it comes to working against the President.

It’s becoming patently obvious that they already have.

The petty, childish attempt to stop the President from delivering the SOTU address, the insistence that there be no compromise on including barriers in border security as well as the many snarky comments is wearing thin with Americans.

We hate Trump is not a strategy for governing the country.

It’s no wonder that it’s hard to believe that opening the government, even for just three weeks, would produce any substantive progress on funding border barriers.

In fact if you believe that, we know where there is a nice used bridge for sale.

Observations from Main Street.

Californians, take note.

Seen on an Ada County (ID) bumper sticker:

Californians – Stay home and fix your state instead of coming here to f—k up ours.

This may be in response to reports that cash-flush Californians are drastically driving up real estate prices in the Boise area, to the point that locals can’t afford to buy a home.

Some people are calling these interstate travelers Republican refugees fleeing California’s hard left politics, but people who live in the areas they are targeting say that isn’t necessarily true.

“Henry” who lives in a suburb of Boise says his new California neighbors purchased a 5 acre ranchette, offering nearly $100,000 above the $310K asking price to outbid another buyer.

He says these people are more like an advance guard than refugees. “They hadn’t been here two weeks before they were telling us how California transplants like them could ‘help promote diversity’ in the area”

People in other targeted states like Arizona have offered similar observations.

The hell of it is, they think the rubes are too dumb to notice.

Really, Madame Speaker?

The Speaker of the House sent a letter to President Trump today, asking him not to give the State of the Union address to Congress, citing security concerns.

Her reason?

She was worried about security because the Secret Service and Homeland Security personnel aren’t  getting paid.

However, she neglected to do any homework to see if those security people were ready and able to provide their normal overwatch duties.

Kind of like how she didn’t bother to talk to Border Patrol agents about their opinions on a border barrier.

Turns out the security measures are as good as ever, having been in the development stage for months.

There is something truly rich about her concerns for security, when it’s HER security.

Ah, Washington.

It appears that the DOJ may finally get an attorney general who is his own man.

William Barr did a pretty decent job of telling his inquisitors that he would wear no one’s brand today.

Despite being badgered incessantly by Democrats to agree to recuse himself on anything Mueller, being asked about his views on torture, and having to bring some people up short on what the law requires on releasing the Mueller report, Barr pretty much held his own.

He also made it clear that trying to threaten him was going to be pretty much a waste of time. After all, he was getting ready to retire, and doesn’t need the job in any way, shape or form. As he said, he’s 68, not 45.

Likewise he made it clear that he wasn’t auditioning for the job.

There were some moments when GOP members questioned him on his long and apparently close friendship with Mueller, something many Republicans feel might be a problem going forward.

It would be nice if President Trump could have reached outside the Washington conclave to find a nominee.

Failing that, and if you take Barr at his word, a person dedicated to the law instead of politics  might be a good pick.

But there is that ubiquitous if.

Since Barr is pretty much assured of confirmation, time will tell if this is a home run or a foul ball.

Speaking of foul balls, or maybe just foul ups, one has to wonder if the Schulosi twins are trying to own the shutdown.

For three weeks now, Trump has been offering this or that incentive to bring them to the bargaining table, to no avail.

This is your classic “irrrestible force meets immovable object.”

Trump isn’t going to be conned as Ronald Reagan was by reopening the government on the vague promise by Schulosi to “discuss” funding for the border barrier.

The Schulosi twins on the other hand have painted themselves into a corner with their infantile comments denying that facts presented on crimes committed by illegal immigrants are true, not to mention the “not even $1 for the wall” quip.

And this in the face of another caravan. Great optics there, twins.

Nevertheless, by refusing to even allow any Democrats to meet with Republicans and the President over a working lunch today, they simply appear to be childish.

In the meantime 800,000 people are caught in the middle.

Ah, Washington. And you wonder why people hate you.

No surprises here.

Once again we have the Democrats and MSM shrieking RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA., and CNN decrying President Trump’s displeasure with the NYT article.

Neither we the public nor the President should be surprised, given that this was going to happen as soon as Democrats gained the majority in the House.

In the meantime, we have the Schulosi’s perpetrating an infantile argument over whether  “border security” should include any physical barrier.

Which brings up the question, how long before John Q. Public decides to just write off the whole government?

Not many really care anymore about the Mueller report. They assume that whichever way Mueller decides it won’t change much on the Hill.

Trump haters will still hate Trump, and Trump backers will still back Trump. The Special Counsel will just be a moderately expensive exercise in political gamesmanship, which was all it ever was in the first place.

Looking forward ( or dreading, depending on your views) to the 2020 elections, it will be interesting to see whether voter apathy results in further gains for the Socialists or whether they get slapped down by an electorate heartily sick of the status quo.

One hopes it is the latter.  We really don’t need any more bird-brained women playing at being a naïve little girl or more foul-mouthed anti-Semitic, anti-American women elected to Congress.

And we certainly don’t need open borders or amnesiac old politicians who think we can’t remember when voting for a border barrier, (or wall or fence, your choice), was a vote getter.

Maybe what we do need are some yellow vests.

TGIF – January 11, 2019.

Graham says “sic ’em”

When even Lindsay Graham gives up on Congress, it says a lot more than just that he’s frustrated over the border wall battle.

Yeah, that’s what’s in the news today, but it also signifies that even Graham no longer believes in the ability of Congress to compromise with the President.

Numerous sources have reported that the President has offered to take less than the 5.7 billion dollars, and has offered up a pretty detailed roadmap for how that money will be spent, including more judges, more Border Patrol personnel, and more housing for detained immigrants, but he will not give up on spending part of it on the “wall.”

According to news reports  the Schulosi group’s response to that has been basically “screw you.”

As far as the whole border defense thing goes, it’s obvious that there are places where a wall or barrier is appropriate. Anyone with an IQ above their baby shoe size can see that.

But the larger question, and the one the Trump administration is going to have to tackle sooner rather than later, is what to do about the organized effort to overthrow the lawfully elected President of the United States.

This isn’t a Democrat or Republican problem; it’s an American problem.

As is obvious from the few published texts between the DOJ lovebirds, there is a faction in the country that decided even before Trump was elected that they didn’t dare allow him to govern.

Call it a soft coup or whatever you like, if allowed to succeed, it reduces the United States to the level of any other third world cesspool, and it’s time it was dealt with and exposed.

Do Dems have a tiger by the tail?

AOC vs. the establishment Democrats. Luscious.

Calling AOC a Democrat is about as accurate as calling Vladimir Putin a Christian aid worker.

She is a straight-up Socialist and doesn’t pretend to be anything else, so good luck to Dems in trying to stuff her into the party strait jacket.

The not-really-so-young (she can see 30 pretty easily) New York representative is also representative of many of the last decade’s college graduates.

These are the up and coming class of carefully groomed and socialism indoctrinated politicians we will have to deal with over the next half century or so.

Nancy Pelosi she damn well isn’t.

Hurray for Jayme.  

No matter how positive law enforcement say they have been, the fact that Jayme Closs managed to both survive and escape is not the way these things usually go.

Chalk up her survival to her will to live.  We wish you the best of life going forward, Jayme.

Of androids and aliens.

After addressing the nation Tuesday, President Trump met with Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (hereafter referred to as Chuncy Schulosi for brevity’s sake) and reportedly asked them whether, if he were to sign off on opening all the shut down branches of government except DHS, if they would then quit opposing the “wall.”

Apparently their answer was something along the lines of,  No Friggin’ Way, and since compromise was the reason for the meeting, he left.

That’s not exactly compromising with him, nor does it do anything to get furloughed employees back to work.

Magically, the Chulosi twins then materialized before microphones to denounce him for having a temper tantrum.

As we said yesterday, for them, you spell compromise s-u-r-r-e-n-d-e-r.

It’s too bad that some Federal employees are the ones caught between a rock and a hard spot, but hey, that’s life. If you don’t want to get caught up in politics, don’t work for the government. After all, at least you can be pretty sure your missed pay will be made up if this thing ever ends.

Chuncy Schulosi’s whole reason for being seems to be to bring about the overthrow of a lawfully elected President. If they have to import the entire population of Central America to the U.S., so be it.

At some point, probably sooner rather than later, the public is going to start asking what’s the harm in erecting a couple hundred miles of fence. It doesn’t hurt anyone, and if you believe the Schulosi argument, it wouldn’t even slow down the flow of river swimmers and border hoppers. So, what’s the big deal?

The purpose of the wall is to both stop and direct cross-border traffic.  If more of the traffic was funneled through ports of entry, we could make much better use of our resources, possibly negating the need to add quite so many personnel to the Border Patrol roster.

As far as the cost goes, the DOD reportedly returns more money to the Treasury than the whole wall would cost because they don’t allocate it to contractors fast enough.

Incidentally, concerning the American Gothic comparisons on Twitter…we think they missed the point. Those weren’t real people at all. They were  AI-powered androids as proved by the fact that the female android wasn’t programmed to blink in the beginning of the live shot.  The Chuncy Schulosi pair were probably knocking back a few stiff ones somewhere.