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Coming to a boil.

Talk to plain old people about the Central American “caravans” and you quickly realize that most of them are just plain fed up with all the political wrangling and social justice bleeding hearts.

“This isn’t complicated. These people are invading our country, carrying flags of their home countries, and should be stopped cold. They are supposed to stop in the first country they come to after leaving their own countries, so why not just boot their butts back into Mexico?”

“The President is not going to use the Army to stop them, because if he does the f——g liberals will burn half the country down. Read the Second Amendment again, the part about maintaining the ‘security of a free state’.  We are entitled to and should form a national citizen’s militia to back up the Border Patrol, and stop them ourselves without force if we can, but with force if we have to.”

“Look at these people on TV. Probably 80% of them are young men of fighting age. Maybe they aren’t coming here with guns, but they are invading our country as surely as if they were all dressed in camo. And they aren’t just from South or Central America.  I saw on the news where there was a whole bunch of Chinese people too. Last time I heard, China doesn’t like us very much, so why do those people get to come in?”

“These 5,000 or 7,000 people are the next Dreamers. Some bleeding heart will make the same argument about them that Obama did about the original Dreamers.”

“So their countries are s—tholes. That’s their problem.  If they spent half as much energy cleaning up their governments as they do on getting here, they could fix their countries and then businesses would want to go there, and then they’d have jobs.”

“You know why Congress doesn’t fix this? Because they don’t f—–g want to fix it.”

These aren’t white supremacy groups.  They are ordinary people who are simply fed up with the situation.

Most of them recognize that there is a place for seasonal workers, but they fear them because we no longer have a workable guest worker program that would allow people to come in to work but then force them to go back home until next year.

They also recognize that a certain number of these people coming here are just out-and-out criminals, and they rightly ask why we should be forced to allow the importation of gang members and terrorists.

And so it goes. This latest caravan, mostly because of its size, has the potential to create a situation that can go very, very wrong, very, very quickly.


Posse Comitatus Act does not apply.

Immediately after the President threatened to close the border using the military, liberals brought up the Posse Comitatus Act. Several readers of this blog also mentioned it.

Some people seem confused about the difference between the National Guard, which is essentially a state militia under the nominal command of state governors, and the regular armed forces.

The Act limits the powers of the federal government to use federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States. There are exceptions to the rule enumerated within the language of the Act.

That Act, passed during the term of Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878 and later amended several times, does NOT prohibit the  federal military from being used to defend the United States from foreign invasion.

If it did, that would mean that if we were being attacked by a foreign power, the military could not be used to defend the country, which is obviously ridiculous.

Since laws governing entry into the U.S. are Federal, not domestic, i.e. state or city laws, the President is free to use the military to defend our borders.

Wait a minute, you might be saying. This isn’t Russia sending warships across the Bering Sea to attack Alaska.  It’s just people who want to come here to work. In fact one commenter did say words to that effect.

Two things are wrong with that. First, there is some evidence that people tied to guys like George Soros and his groups are paying money to these people to join these caravans and pay the coyotes. Essentially that amounts to raising an army,  basically an act of sedition, and that’s against Federal law.

Second, we know that not all of these people are coming here to work. There are enough bad actors to taint the whole so-called “refugee” group.

Maybe the problem here is in the terminology. Maybe we should stop calling them illegal immigrants or refugees and call them what they are.

What these people who jump the border are doing is committing criminal trespass. It’s no different than me forcing my way into your home and saying that because your house is nicer than mine, you can’t throw me out on my ear.

The sad part about illegal immigration is that it limits the number of people that we can accept through legal immigration.  People who have spent years complying with our often confusing patchwork of immigration laws now can’t get in because their places have been taken by border jumpers.

This may be much ado about nothing if Mexico addresses people crossing its southern border, stopping them before they get to our border.

This isn’t a problem that’s going to be solved in the next 18 days, but maybe, if enough people get off their arse and on their feet we can work on it over the next two years.


About that wall.

Amid news reports that the newest invasion of U.S. border-bound migrants has now topped 4,000, and that there were over 41,000 border jumpers arrested in September,  many people are beginning to ask why, since liberals don’t want a wall, the regular U.S. military can’t be used to keep them out.

“Joe” put it this way:

“Look I feel for those people, but they are just as much an invading army as they would be if they carried weapons. There’s about 2000 miles of border, or about 10,280,00 feet. It seems like posting a soldier every 50 feet or so along the insecure stretches would make one hell of a statement.”

Given the gist of his tweet on the subject today, it appears that the President is thinking along the same lines.

Can you imagine the flood of crocodile tears it would unleash if he follows through with that threat?  Mika Brzezinski would probably melt away into a puddle right on the set.

Maybe a better way would be to release all these folks into the custody of Mika, Joy, Whoopi, Nancy P.,  Don Lemon, Maxine Waters and all the other open border advocates. They have big bucks, so putting the caravan members up in their homes and paying their bills should be a cakewalk for them.

That’s an appealing visual, but it’s never going to happen.

Then we have the crybabies who say that cutting off foreign aid to the Central American countries from whence most of these people come would only make things harder on the populations there, thus encouraging more people to come.

Wake up and smell the tortillas, folks.  None of that money is being used to help these people now. That’s why they are leaving.

In long ago times, we could just send an occupying force to Honduras, Guatemala, et al, and run the countries ourselves, much as the Romans did when they occupied England from 43-410 A.D.

That’s not going to happen for a myriad of reasons, but expecting the Central Americans to take better care of their people so they want to stay home is not too much to ask for the half-a-trillion or so dollars we spend in that part of the world. That would put a big dent in the $775 billion we overdrew our credit line this year, not to mention paying for our wall 38 times over.

First though we have an election to take care of, and hopefully we have enough brains not to elect a multiplicity of left-wing bleeding hearts just because we’ve nearly always done so in the past.

E minus 20 and counting.

With the 2018 mid-term general election less than three weeks away, the pundits and palm readers are entering full-out  screech mode.

It remains to be seen whether the Trump administration will evade the “first off-year election curse.”

Typically it takes losing a significant number of seats in Congress for the winning prior presidential election year voters to wake up to the fact that just winning the presidency isn’t enough to guarantee they will get all the goodies they were promised by the winning candidate.

Presidents generally get a honeymoon during which everyone makes nice and at least pretends that having elected someone, the country will behave in a civilized fashion and support the winner.

That was then, this is now.

From moment the Democrats knew they’d lost the race until today, the nation has been treated to repeated lessons in how to lose as ungracefully as possible.

Even the most seasoned Washington watchers say they have never seen anything to match Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Far more  erudite writers than this one have chronicled the slide to socialist insanity, but the path and effects are clear for all to see.

A lot of people weren’t happy when the Democrats elected a former community organizer, but you didn’t see people making vulgar videos of a faux Michelle Obama and posting them online or bullying a 10 year-old child not just online, but on popular late night television shows.

That wasn’t because there weren’t people out there with both the ability and the inclination, but because until 2016, there were still certain lines of civility the nation just wouldn’t countenance  crossing.

That came to a tire-screeching halt on November 9, 2016.

It rapidly became obvious that the left wasn’t just disappointed that they lost, but in a white-knuckled panic about it.

That naturally started people wondering just what it was that was scaring them so badly.

It wasn’t long before we started to find out. Apparently working for the good of the United States of America was never even a miniscule part of the Democrat platform.

Even so, only dyed-in-the-wool political watchers were paying much attention to the riptides in Washington.

Most people were just happy that however rude and crude the new President might be, he was at least committed to keeping his campaign promises.

He said he could get Americans working again and grow the economy to at least 3%, and maybe even 4% by unleashing American business, and by damn, he did it. He said he could cut taxes for most working Americans and lo and behold, he did that too.

He didn’t win every battle, but he won enough of them to leave a lot of people thinking that they’d won the war.

There were indications that there were riptides in the political currents, but they didn’t really galvanize right leaning voters.

Until two things happened. First left wing motor mouths like Maxine Waters and Hillary Clinton started encouraging people to attack people they didn’t agree with, to “get in face of this administration” as Auntie Maxine put it, and the well-trained foot soldiers of the left carried out their orders to the T.

The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings were the last plug in the dyke.

We may never know whether Dr. Ford’s letter was just a stroke of fate for Democrats, or whether it was solicited.

Whatever it was, it stripped the last thin veneer of civilization from the face of American politics.

No longer was it just political shills and drooling entertainers whining about whiteness, figuratively castrating American men or advocating actual violence that were following each other.

Now it is primetime, all the time.

And much as happened a scant two years ago, time will tell how the whole thing shakes out this time.


Riyadh shows its colors.

So far, the Turkish-Saudi-Khashoggi affair reads like a poorly written spy novel. First the Turks, certainly no friends of the Riyadh government,  accused the Saudis of deliberately killing and dismembering the Washington Post columnist, which King Salman denied, while Crown Prince  Mohammed bin Salman was noticeably following his father’s lead.

When it quickly  became obvious that the world had a bit of a problem with that, the Saudi monarch then threatened said world with $200 a barrel oil if they continued to make waves about a poorly hidden assassination.

The general reaction to that was something along the lines of “that would be a bad idea, bucko.”

Apparently the Turks do have something in the way of proof, because now the story is that he died “accidentally” while being interrogated.

Mr. Khashoggi had a history with the monarchy, and saying they were interrogating him would suggest that it wasn’t a happy one.

Assassination is a political tactic in many repressive regimes, and the Saudis are no different in that respect from Russia, North Korea or any of the others.

But seriously, how arrogant or stupid do you have to be to think that no one would notice if you whacked a guy right in your own embassy, knowing that there was no doubt that the man went in but never came out?

No one disputes the value of having the Saudi government on our side against Iran, but that doesn’t mean that even President Trump can easily smooth this over, assuming that the ruling faction of the Saudi royal family is indeed the faction that ordered what certainly seems to be a hit.

The Saudi political world is rife with warring factions within the royal family, but regardless of which faction is responsible, this incident is just too far over the line for the Western world to accept.

With Secretary Pompeo now in Riyadh, it remains to be seen whether King Salman can construct a better story than he has so far.

About the only thing that could get him off the hook now would be to produce a walking, talking, breathing Jamal Khashoggi and that seems highly unlikely to happen.

Short of that, the King may find himself in the unenviable position of sacrificing a member of his family to the court of public opinion, if not to a court of a more concrete nature.

If the shoe fits…

Liberals, Democratic Socialists and easily triggered “regular” Democrats are highly incensed that their minions are being called insurrectionists, mobs and gangs.

To which we say “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…,” well, you know how the rest of it goes.

Ted Wheeler,  the mayor of Portland is reportedly defending the police for standing back and allowing an Antifa controlled mob to harass and seriously damage a 74-year-old citizen’s car.

Judging by that, Portland might not be one of the top 10 best places to retire, the Mayor’s assurances that the city is a safe place to visit notwithstanding.

Meanwhile as we have seen on the news this weekend, we have “mainstream” Party members like HRC and potential presidential candidate Eric Holder issuing soft threats, apparently trying to imitate the rhetoric of the more militant members of their party without crossing the line to the point that they could be guilty of inciting the riots.

One has to wonder how ex-AG Holder would react if a bunch of right wing whackos surrounded his car and beat the windows in on it.

He does have one thing right however. Americans will get what they vote for in this election.

The so-called “generic” polls note that Republicans seem to have become more united by the way the Kavanaugh confirmation was handled.

Republicans, who as a group are much less likely to vote as a bloc than their more well-trained and monetarily incentivized Democrat opponents, seem to have finally found something they agree upon.

Still, it’s three weeks before the election, and the news cycle being what it is, their current zeal could evaporate before November 6.

Given that Democrat candidates are already vowing to include the interests of illegal immigrants in the “blue wave”, this would be a very bad time for Republicans and right-leaning independents to get a bad case of “couch-itis.”

TGIF – October 12, 2018.

Frankly my dear, nobody gives a damn.

It seems only the liberal media and the late night “comedy” shows care whether Kanye West visited the White House or not. When several ordinary people were asked about their opinion of the visit, they answered in this vein:

“Oh, was he there? Well, that’s nice I guess. After all, he does live here, and they do call it the people’s house.”

Likewise about Taylor Swift:

Taylor who? Is there a reason I should I care what she thinks?”


On the other hand…

Several people had something to say about the possibility of the Saudis alleged assassination of journalist Jamal Kashoggi:

“Do I think they did it?  Why not? After all, some of their royal family bankrolled the 9/11 terrorists.”

“Just a word to the President…we can do without their $110 billion dollars if it’s proved they killed the guy. It would probably save us more than that if we just cut them loose.”

One more reason to eat at home.

The publication “TechCrunch”  is reporting that new restaurant businesses may not have any onsite kitchens, preferring instead to have the meals prepared at a central cooking facility and then shipped in daily to the fast-food or restuarant chain store, courtesy of investors like Google’s parent company Alphabet and Uber’s former CEO.

Oh, yummy.  That should make dining out a real treat.

Pastor Brunson coming home.

It appears Turkey has released Pastor Brunson.  That’s great news for his family.  Hopefully he’ll do the smart thing and stay home.