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TGIF – June 22, 2018.

Congressional fail.

To no one’s great surprise, Congress and specifically the House failed to pass one of the immigration reform bills yesterday, and the smart money says they won’t pass the so-called compromise bill next week either

We hate to say we told you so, but we did.

And once again, one term is plenty for anyone that proves over and over again that they are just about drawing a paycheck from the taxpayers.  No one we know ever said “I want to be a lazy, partisan hack for a living when I grow up” and we are tired of seeing our money used to such poor effect.

Maybe we can fix that problem in November.

BTW, if you want to know how these drones have voted by party, you can access the info at this URL:  You can search by issue or bill number.

You can also access information for a particular member at, like this:

Starshine in Tinseltown.

Geez, who found the switch and turned on Peter Fonda’s battery? Most people outside of the giant Candyland bubble of Hollywood thought he had died years ago.

Perhaps he is going to be one of the campaign content creators for the Democrats, since they don’t have a real campaign strategy.

You gotta wonder about the mental state of a guy who threatens the President’s son, as well as the cretins who think they are going to take on the Border Patrol and win. Maybe he got a batch of pot laced with locoweed.

People like this also inspire other psychopaths like the toadstool, Laurence Key, who, according to news reports threatened to kill a politician’s kids.

Seriously though, this kind of psychopathic crap shows just how unhinged Hollywood and the rest of the left is, and calls into question why anyone would spend good money to waste an hour or more of their time watching the drivel that passes for entertainment in the land of the loony.

There is another danger as well.

Someone, somewhere is going to actually take action on these threats and when and if they do it’s going to get a lot uglier than it is even now.

Charles Krauthammer 1950-2018

On the 8th of this month, I wrote my personal tribute to Charles Krauthammer. Yeah, I admired the guy’s style.  A lot.

Yesterday we learned that he has left us.

People grieve upon the death of someone not for the departed, but for themselves. Grief is so very much about being left behind.

Somehow, I half expect a disembodied smooth, sonorous voice to break into Special Report one day, and say “Hey guys, wish you were here.”  That would be so very Charles of him.


The swamp wins again.

Once again, the left and right have joined together to keep the issue of immigration and deportation front and center. Not to solve it of course, but to exploit it.

President Trump has addressed the issue of separating children from their parents.

It now appears the left is opposing that too, because they don’t want anyone arrested or detained, not even as a family unit.

Some in Trump’s own base aren’t terribly happy about his actions, not because they hate kids, but because the fix seems to be something easily challenged by activist judges.

After all, technically, if he holds these family units over 20 days he is also breaking the law as interpreted by the judicial system.  Reno v. Flores in 1993 applies to the unaccompanied minors, the decision by Judge Gee in 2015 relates to family units.

He is learning what Obama, Bush 43, Clinton and Bush 41 found out for themselves. No one that serves in Washington wants to end illegal immigration.

It’s just too lucrative as an issue for both sides. The President should have known that, if not through the history of the issue, then by the failure of his last attempt this spring to whipsaw Congress into voting for reform.

Indeed, it appears that the only way immigration could ever be reformed is by the American voters themselves.

They would have to start routinely and dispassionately voting every single legislator out of office every time they are given a chance to do so, and make it very, very clear that the price of their loyalty is reform.

The political lifespan of a member of Congress should be one term, until they get the message.

That’s a lovely idea, but getting 130 million people to do that every two years for a decade or so is a pipe dream.

Alternatively, the people who want to firm up the border and end illegal immigration need to become as effective as the army of the left, and if that means resorting to hyperbole, so be it.

That’s always been a problem for the right.  They don’t want to be seen as being as crass as their left wing adversaries.

The problem with being “better” than your enemies is that these are fights fought in the gutters of politics, so standing up there on the dais of righteous principle means you can’t even land a punch.

So what does punching back mean?

It’s more of a figurative than a literal punch (at least most of the time.)

It means that when the pack stands there screaming “shame” there needs to be twice that many people screaming “swamp thing” or some such catch phrase right back at them.

It means making a big deal out of every employer whose workforce suddenly can’t speak fluent English.

Of course all that nastiness could be avoided if Congress actually passes immigration legislation this week.  No one is holding their breath waiting for that to happen.

Is this going to get messier yet? Absolutely.

Still, it’s damned hard to scramble eggs if you don’t crack the shells.

And we pay these people?

The news that Chuck Schumer admitted that the Democrats are refusing to vote to change or modify immigration laws so they can lay it all at the President’s feet isn’t sitting well with  some American taxpayers.

“Maddie”   I’m so effin’ tired of these tit-sucking politicians and government employees fornicating with each on the job and collecting my tax dollars and paying themselves a salary I could throw up. And I mean all of them, Republicans and Democrats.”

“James”  “You want to know who is separating families?  It’s that d–khead Schumer and his crowd.”

And those are just the ones that we can clean up enough to print.

Sure, the President could “fix” his zero tolerance policy with the swipe of a pen. All he has to do is refuse to uphold the laws Congress and the courts have created.

WTH, everybody else does that, so why not the President?

Well, for one thing, his base didn’t vote for him to go along to get along.

Apparently, Democrats are “concerned” that Trump’s approval numbers are rising. It seems people like politicians who keep their word.

That said, he may have to find a way to put this issue on hold temporarily, just to shut down  the media circus.  Something like suspending it for two weeks or so to give the congressional do-nothings time to do their job, or at least to prove one more time that they can’t or won’t.

There was an interesting visual yesterday as the President’s meeting with Republican seat warmers broke up.

Just prior to the meeting breaking up a bunch of people, purportedly Democrats who belong to something called the Hispanic caucus, jumped in front of the cameras holding signs hyping their concerns with families being separated. Apparently the Hispanic caucus is like the congressional black caucus, representing just those interests who look like and think like  themselves.

What was  the visual? As the President came out, the capital police formed a line between the protestors and the people, including the President, leaving the meeting.

That’s a great metaphor for how Washington runs today. It’s a sad thing when the Capital police have to protect the President from potential injury by the people in our Congress who disagree with him.

When even our legislature is divided by identity politics, the idea that we have a government that represents America as a whole is not just laughable, it’s a damn lie.

About those kids.

To say that separating children from parents who choose to jump the border rather than go through ports of entry (where they would not be separated) is bad optics is an understatement.

Never mind that courts throughout the United States do this virtually every day, because parents who commit crimes cannot care for their children in jail.

And by definition, sneaking across the border is a crime, especially if the person in question has done it more than once, when it escalates from being a misdemeanor to a felony.

That’s a logical observation, but logic has little to do with immigration issues today. .

Sure it looks bad. Hell, it is bad, when it affects an actual family, rather than paid escorts or child traffickers.

But let’s try to inject at least a thimble full of honesty into the conversation.

Yesterday  Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen mentioned that of the approximately 12,000 minors currently in government detention, about 10,000 were either unaccompanied by ANY adult, or the adults who brought them in weren’t related in any way to the kids.

She also quoted a figure of 50,000 people arrested in each of the last three months for illegally jumping the border, i.e. not going through the ports of entry.

She did not give a figure, because she has no way of knowing, for those who made it in without being arrested.

We know, since the media has reported on it, that car and truckloads of illegal immigrants are being ferried in and are only being caught by chance because they are found roasting to death in semi truck trailers, or being injured or killed in auto accidents, as they were in Texas yesterday.

Somehow, Democrats seem to miss those points when they are pontificating about Nazi Germany and dog cages.

Also ignored is the fact that HHS and CPB can’t hold minors with their families for more than 20 days if the parents are charged with a crime, which they will be for illegal entry. Trump didn’t write that law, nor the one that makes it a crime to enter the country illegally.

Is he using the issue for political purposes? The answer is almost certainly yes, given that Congress, and particularly the Senate, seem to be ready to slough off any real attempt at actually passing immigration reform.

Will the resulting furor prove worth it?  That remains to be seen, but it sure put illegal immigration back in the public eye.

To his credit, Senator Cruz has reportedly introduced emergency legislation that would allow for more judges, expedited hearings on asylum and more family detention centers, but that doesn’t address the problem of unaccompanied or trafficked minors, nor does it cure illegal immigration as a whole.

Democrats prefer that border jumpers simply not be dealt with at all, but simply released “pending hearings.”  In other words, back to catch and release.

Senator Cruz is at least attempting to handle the problem as it should be handled, by creating a law that addresses the immediate problem. It remains to be seen whether he can shepherd that through Congress and whether the President would sign it without getting substantial immigration reform.

As for our take, we wonder when the sign carriers and Nancy Pelosi will start picketing our criminal courts to protest involuntary separation of families via our criminal justice system..

New theater performances begin.

Another week, another set of performances, and frankly, most people don’t even care anymore.

No one wants to hear Peter Strzok lie to Congress, or IG Horowitz try to square all of his criticisms of the partisanship and rank incompetence in the FBI and DOJ with his conclusion that bias had no effect on the Clinton investigation.

No one wants to hear the Democrats blather on about separation of children from parents, or coyotes or whomever brought them across the border while they ignore the fact that both President Obama and Bush 43 did it routinely. Leave us not forget that the pictures of “children in cages” were taken in 2014.

What they do want is for all this hot air to result in solutions, and that seems just as unlikely to happen today as it did six months ago.

Ask 20 people (and we did) whether they think that even if the House manages to pass something on immigration reform, it will clear the Senate and you’ll get 20 “no” votes. They note that McConnell has already said he won’t push for immigration legislation before the midterms.

Even President Trump comes in for his share of criticism over his habit of popping off without thinking ahead, as happened when he said he wasn’t for “either one” of the immigration solutions. That was neither a joke or sarcasm, it was simply a failure to parse what he was saying before the words left his mouth.

That said, no one is blind to the effect the ideology of hate adopted as the Democrat’s party platform is having both on the President’s ability to govern and the country as a whole.

Even ordinary Democrats in fly-over country  acknowledge that they are more likely to sit out the next election than vote for people who might support radicals in the party once they get to Washington.

Sure, they say they will vote their consciences when they get to Washington, but if you want to know how that really works, put your political allegiances aside and read this Politico piece about Raul Labrador, headlined  “This place just sucks your soul.”  Labrador went to Washington as an idealist. He knows better now.

That’s the swamp in full stink mode.

That said, the press will have some new Kabuki acts to write about now.

That leaves the rest of us to note that if you don’t like the play, maybe it’s time to change the actors.

TGIF – June 15, 2018.

IG Report #1.

For all the hype, the IG’s report on how the Hillary email investigation was conducted turned out much as expected. Both pro-and anti-Trumpers can find items of interest in this tome.

It’s important to remember that this particular investigation only refers to Hillary’s email problem and the FBI’s handling of that investigation.

If you want to read the whole 568 pages, you can link to it here.

Yes, Comey is a tool with a Sir Galahad complex. Yes, Loretta Lynch showed really bad judgment, as did her DAG. Yes, improvements need to be made, but regarding the people mentioned in the report who are dumb enough to still be working there, this is a personnel matter so butt out America, per current FBI Director Wray.

At least 100 FBI employees took perks and cash to leak to the news media, not once or twice but dozens of times  each, as documented in the OIG report.  So much for the agency’s much vaunted culture of integrity.

Strangely, none of these 100-plus people can be identified in the report, leaving us to wonder if they will ever be indicted.

As for some of the others who are identified, the Office of Personnel Management has no jurisdiction over anyone who is already out the door. Someone or some agency might have legal recourse, but it won’t be the OPM.

In a Starbucks-like moment, Director Wray said they would “re-train” everyone on revised expectations and guidelines.

Why bother? The many good people in the FBI were already following the rules, and the others never intended to, making the whole exercise a waste of time.

In short, for the American people, this was a lot of money to spend to verify what one’s own eyes and ears had already deduced.

Truthfully, most normal people just don’t give a damn, not because they aren’t interested but because they are convinced that Washington has, does and will always have a core of  corruption.

As one man put it, the only way to cure that is for all government employees to come with a self-destruct button that activates a few years after they are hired or elected, if they don’t leave willingly.

Immigration  – Do we get a bill this time?

That is going to depend on the Senate and to a lesser extent the House, which fell two signatures short of passing a discharge petition.

The President has signaled that he would sign a compromise bill, so long as it at least fully addresses his primary concerns, DACA and the border wall.

All this angst over separating illegal immigrant children from the people who brought them across the border misses the primary problem.

Every time we allow another minor, accompanied or not, into the U.S. illegally, we are creating a new DACA group for this or another President to deal with.

That’s largely why the current crop of Dreamers being considered for legal residency started out at 700,000 and is now over three million.

Time is growing short for Congress to find its backbone and voters are watching.

Yep, cereal is bad for you.

Not nutritionally, but because one type is reportedly  infected with salmonella.

In the great scheme of  TDS, tariffs, North Korea and James Comey’s FBI management, maybe not being able to trust the safety of the food we buy doesn’t quite measure up for the MSM.

To the rest of us, it’s kind of important.

It’s time for the FDA to get its act together. Way too many unsafe food items are making it out into the marketplace.

Surely, if we can solve world peace, we should be able to be sure our food doesn’t kill us.


Time for a Singapore sling?

Well, it’s apparently unavoidable…commenting on the Singapore summit that is. That said, opinions are like pieholes…everybody has one, so here’s ours.

What does this particular Kim want more than anything?  Recognition. North Korea isn’t a hermit kingdom just because of the Kim dynasty.

For five decades, the world has tried to pretend the country doesn’t exist. Apparently, believing that if NoKo isn’t noticed it will go away is a political strategy.

So, each dictator has tried something else to make the world acknowledge its existence. That’s gotten us to where we are today.

President Trump is apparently taking a different tack, meeting with Kim Jong Un as he would the head of any other country.  That said, he may seem to be slathering it on a bit thick, but then he’s been in the room with Kim, unlike any of the rest of us.

The criticism he has gotten is also a bit overdone.

Remember, he is a businessman.  He’s going to put his brand on the project, but from here on in, it’s the job of his department heads to handle the nitty gritty details.

As the MSM whines about human rights not being the focus of this first meeting, let us remember that this dictator has a number of nuclear bombs at his disposal, and certainly appeared more than ready to use them to get noticed.

Human rights are important, but certainly not quite as high a priority as not having our west coast disappear under a mushroom cloud.

If, six months from now we haven’t gotten a hands-on inspection of NoKo’s nuclear production facilities and an inventory, that will be the time to revisit Singapore’s effectiveness.

The day may well yet still come when we have to take the nation out. Even the President acknowledged that.

Until then, let’s see how this works out.

Perhaps today isn’t the time to turn your fallout shelter into the local poker palace, but then no one is diving under their desks today either.