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There go the polar bears…Again.

Remember about 10-15 years ago when every climate -changer told us that the polar bears were going to go extinct?

Well apparently they are on their way out again, according to NBC.  It may take a little longer, since there are more of them now.

This is why no one takes these climate change hysterics seriously.

If and it’s a big if, the climate is going to hell in a handbasket, it isn’t because of cow farts, as Burger King says.

It’s because of PEOPLE.

That being the case, why are we trying so hard to cure or stop Covid 19? The more dead people there are, the cleaner the air will be. Easy-peasy, right?  Obviously , I’m not serious about letting all the Covid 19 sufferers die

Still, Mother Nature always seems to find a way to balance things out.

Comments on current events.

Free Ghislaine Maxwell on bail?  Why not just buy her a plane ticket?

RE: the McCloskeys.  Apparently the castle doctrine no longer applies.  But a word to Mrs. McCloskey…an inoperable weapon is a paperweight, and pointing a paperweight at people threatening your life is just plain dumb.

About the violent protestors vandalizing property and screaming for the remaking of America…These people are enemy combatants, and should be treated as such.

No defense of self-defense?

By now, everyone has undoubtedly seen the video of a couple defending themselves, their home and even their pet from a group of alleged BLM “protestors.”

Although the radical left is condemning them for it, almost everyone else is giving some version of “right on.”

The ridiculous Cuomo interview which repeatedly characterized the mob as “peaceful” failed to note that Mr. McCloskey says he was threatened.

It would have been nice if he could have provided proof (as in a recording of the BLM voices) but the average homeowner doesn’t go into the house and retrieve firearms just to get on TV.

Also, the homeowners didn’t aim at any of the “Peaceful Ones” until a couple of them stepped forward onto their driveway, according to the video we have seen.

BLM and their adherents have no one but themselves to blame if people see them as thugs.

Drive around rural properties anywhere and you might see some version of this sign:

“No trespassing.  Survivors will be prosecuted.” Take it seriously.

Perhaps, as Joe Biden says, we could just use a shotgun to shoot them in the leg.


Dems 2020 Strategy – Race War

Isn’t it funny that we didn’t have a media-hyped conflict among the races until there was an election on the horizon?

Notice I didn’t say “tension between races.”

There has been animosity based on race for as long as there have been races, or even tribes of the same race. Check out “Massacre Canyon” on Wikipedia for an example of the latter.

What George Floyd’s death was for Democrats was manna from heaven.

Now Dems think they can get rid of the political three P’s.   President, pistols and police.

Hopefully, we are smart enough to see this for what it is…blatant panderism.

Even some liberals are calling out Black Lives Matter as extortionists.

Personally, I have never owned a slave.  Neither did my forebears, as far back as I can trace them.  They just weren’t rich enough, and believe me, slave ownership required a lot of disposable income. It was a whole lot cheaper to hire a worker than it was to support a whole family of people, and my folks were all either workers themselves or at best, small business owners.

So Miz Pressley, spare me your reparations.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen “Kill Whitey” slogans, but thanks to our political climate, I did see it written on some statue base last week.

So to those of you that still have few working brain cells, see this for what it is…an attempt to keep people from noticing that Dems don’t have any better candidate this time than they did before.

Just a cop’s wife.

I received this from someone I will call “Jill”

I’ve been a cop’s wife for 22 years, and I was a cop for 7 years.  In fact, we met on the job. I quit the force when I got pregnant with our first child.

I wish all these politicians could spend a week on patrol with a cop in a big city, and put their namby-pamby rules into effect. I can tell you, there would be one hell of a lot less politicians.

Are there bad cops? Sure, just like there are bad priests and bad lawyers. No cop wants these jerk-offs on the force, and I agree with being able to turn these bad guys in without fear of being ostracized.

But this crap about defunding the police, or all police (pronounced ‘Poe-leese’ by their detractors) being killers is just B.S.

There is no similarity between the George Floyd killing and what happened to Rayshard Brooks.

Brooks resisted arrest.  I would guess (and it’s just a guess) that he may have had wants or warrants that he didn’t want to answer for, and that’s why he resisted.

Whatever the reason, he threatened the officers.

If you think a taser isn’t a weapon, then come stand in front of me and let me shoot you with one. Please, let me do that.

And I notice no one is talking about sending social workers into domestic violence situations, which are one of the top places for cops to get injured.

In ending let me say this.  I got one good thing out of this.  My husband has quit the force. No longer do I have to fear seeing a chaplain on my front porch. The city has lost a damn good cop, but at least I get to keep my husband.”

‘Nuff said.


Yeah, let’s defund the police….

We don’t know whether the cops that killed George Floyd were racist or just badge-happy bullies.

But blaming every cop in America for his death could bring on an epidemic of “blue flu.”

Meaning that it won’t be necessary to defund the police. Why would a cop go into a minority neighborhood if he thinks he could be ambushed or set on fire?

But let’s think about defunding.   Imagine this for a minute:

You come home and discover people in your home stealing stuff or threatening you.  Or, you are a woman whose significant other is beating the crap out of you.

Imagine that you call the police and hear this:

“Thank you for calling the Anytown Police Department. Please leave your name, number and a brief message and we will get back to you within 24 hours”

Think about it.


Considering all the mayhem arising from the death of George Floyd, the Hennepin County medical examiner’s opinion that his death may not be due to the officer pinning him to the ground with a knee on his neck is not being welcomed.

In fact, that opinion caused the family to immediately say they would retain the services of another medical examiner, the renowned Michael Baden,   to possibly refute the local ME’s opinion. So far, no one is speculating on what happens if Dr. Baden concurs with the Local ME.

The fact that Mr. Floyd is deceased as a result of being arrested on suspicion of committing a nonviolent crime is tragic.

But if it should turn out he was not killed by the police officer now charged with his murder, there will be an awful lot of people creating even more chaos than we have now.


Don’t push them too far.

Seen in the back window of a car: “Social distancing can be done vertically as well as horizontally.”

Is it an implied threat? That’s up to you to decide.

But consider this scenario.

A woman, we’ll call her “Madeline,” left her house two days in a row. On the third day, a group of people blocked her driveway and tried to stop her from leaving her house, citing her age as a reason to keep her locked up in her house.

“It’s for your own good” they intoned.  Madeline, age 70, wasn’t having any of it.  She called the police and asked them to clear her driveway. The cops asked why she was leaving, and she told them she had a doctor’s appointment.

She also warned the cops that, being an old lady, she might accidentally stomp on the accelerator rather than the brake if the people didn’t move.

The police did move the group, and Madeline went to her appointment.

In short, folks are wise to this crap.

This is not the America our fathers and grandfather’s fought to defend.

Is Covid-19 immunity a fallacy?

Several news outlets, including Forbes,  OAN and some local ABC affiliates are reporting that sailors who were previously found to have the virus while aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt are reportedly testing positive for active virus a second time.

This calls into question the likelihood of any immunity being conferred by having the virus, as well as the efficacy of injecting patients with plasma containing antibodies.

To be sure, as the Forbes article mentions, the tests could be inaccurate, but with some states looking into giving out “immunity cards” to allow people to go back to work, it is an anomaly that should be investigated.

After all, having the flu does not confer immunity, and as Covid 19 is also a respiratory virus, it is within the realm of possibility that it too can cause redundant infections.

That could also affect any vaccine that is eventually marketed. We all know people who get the flu vaccine every year, and still get one of the many strains of the flu.

Since the so-called health “experts” have gone from saying Covid 19 does not mutate easily to exactly the opposite viewpoint, it is possible that many people will not even take a vaccine when it is available, just as they do now with the flu vaccine (this year’s flu vaccine is said to be only 37 to 45% effective)

In short, we may have to learn to live with Covid 19 just as we do the flu, making these ridiculous shut-downs unnecessary and ineffective.

It also makes finding effective treatments for the most dangerous complications of the virus even more important than it is now.

Caution on SBA guaranteed PPP loans.

Read, read and re-read the terms of your PPP loans that are being advertised as “SBA” loans.

They are first and foremost BANK loans. The SBA simply guarantees the loans to the BANKS, not to you.

Many years ago I assumed an “SBA” loan when buying an existing business.  I thought I read the terms carefully, BUT, well-hidden (Page 4 of a 5 page document) in the terms was this sentence: “Payments are due as of the date of possession.”

Now, the previous owners payment due date was the 15th of the month, and because it was an assumption I thought that was MY payment due date as well.

However, I took possession of the business on the 3rd of the month.

That meant my payment was also due on the 3rd, well before my accounts receivable began to come in. Believe me, I had to do some serious juggling to make that work.

Just a word to the wise.