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Social Security – America’s failing socialist experiment.

With the con artists on the left promising free everything, including basic income, it might be time to look at the one example of government control of income that we have now.

If you want to know how socialism works, you have only to study our government retirement program.

First, it was never “government” funded. It’s funds come from payments by wage earners and their employers…in other words YOU.

Second, it is government administered, and the government has done a lousy job of that.

Third, unlike private pensions, the government cannot be sued for failing to keep it solvent.

We have known for at least 50 years that the fund was going to run out of money.  Various prognosticators now say that will begin to happen next year, or maybe as late as 2025.

If employment stays as high as it is now for the next 6-8 years, those estimates might extend by a year or two, but that won’t totally make up for eight years and more of high unemployment numbers and low labor participation rates.

The answer to the problem was evident as early as the 1980’s. The amount withheld needed to be increased as inflation ate away at the value of the fund, or as it was made to pay for more things (disability income, child survivor benefits, etc.)

Even Boomers who did put aside money to augment SSI are hurting, as life events, recessions, inflation and periods of high unemployment have forced them to eat into their savings or sell off marketable assets.

The answer to keeping Social Security solvent is the same now as it was 50 years ago.

More money must be paid in to cover increased usage, which should have been accomplished by tying the withheld percentage to the cost of living. Instead, the answer seems to be to cut benefits.

That’s still how it can be fixed, but now, instead of adding a tenth of a percent or some such figure every year or two, it has to be a substantial jump, perhaps even as much as double.

A “wealth tax” isn’t going to do it, Elizabeth Warren’s schemes notwithstanding, and it’s unlikely a Republican  of any stripe wants to be the one to jack up the FICA withholding in an election period.

It’s trendy to blame the Baby Boomers (born 1946-64) for the shortfall. Uh, the government didn’t know by 1970 about the baby boom?

The Boomer and WWII generations are already dying off, with their oldest members already well into their 90’s, but it’s unlikely that they’ll die fast enough to add much to the fund’s lifespan.

If a private pension plan administered its funds the way the government has, the courts would force them to make the fund solvent.

With the U.S. government being the responsible party, the word to Boomers and beyond is simply…tough luck, and here’s your sign.

Think about that the next time some politician tells you how much better they are at caring for you than you are at caring for yourself.

Kirsten Gillibrand – Supporter of genocide?

Democrats are obsessed with identifying anyone who opposes them as racists.

According to Democrat Gillibrand pro-life people  are racists.

Her reasoning? Non-whites “need” abortions more than whites. Thus if you are anti-abortion, then you are by definition racist.

What she fails to explain is that if more people of color receive abortions then more babies of color are being killed.

Back in the 1940’s we called that genocide.

Housing options for the homeless.

According to this 2016 Los Angeles Times article, L.A. County has numerous unused and/or under-utilized government buildings, mostly Federal.

Why couldn’t these buildings be either sold or leased to the county and used to provide shelter for the homeless?

True, there are some homeless people, many of whom that are mentally ill, who prefer to live on the street, but many more do so out of necessity.

One person suggested that we try to pass a Federal law making it a crime to harbor large gatherings of the homeless, on public health grounds.  Imagine what Democrats would have to say about that.

The news has lately been full of stories about police officers contracting flea-borne diseases from the rodents that live amongst the homeless communities, and we recently spoke to a former San Francisco police officer who moved to another state because of conditions in what used to be a lovely city.

He noted that he could accept being shot as a condition of his employment, but not bringing home a disease from the Dark Ages to his family. Among the mildest things he said was that his city was no better than a sewer. He noted that the school his children had attended was rife with head lice, a condition that he said seemed to crop up as more and more undocumented children were pushed into the schools.

It is ridiculous that in the 21st century, anyone has to put up with these conditions almost solely because of corrupt politicians.

We used to joke about building a wall to keep Californians in.  Today, that’s no longer a joke.

TGIF – May 31, 2019.

Can you hear him now?

It appears that President Trump finally got Mexico’s attention re: the illegal immigrant problem.

It’s true that tariffs are an unconventional way to try to stem the flood of invading immigrants but it sure as hell got everyone’s attention.

Remember, the President asked Mexico for more and better cooperation in controlling the hoards of immigrants that were entering and transversing Mexico last month.

That worked for all of 10 days or so.

The result was that yesterday 1034 “immigrants” bebopped into Texas as though they had heard that our country was giving away free money.

Oh, wait… we are.

The only people who don’t get it are people in Congress who are drawing handsome salaries from the government to sit on their hands and do nothing.

Ask around a little bit, and you will hear people wondering why the armed forces who have received well in excess of 700 billion dollars for each of the last two years can’t at least form a human wall to protect OUR borders for a change.

The answer of course is that they could, if someone had the guts to call the current influx of people what they are; an invading army.

As for some of the Republicans who seem to be just as dunce-like as their Democrat counterparts, if you don’t want the Mexican tariffs, then perhaps it’s time to put up or shut up.

Lost in all the noise about what the President did is the fact that that President Trump is actually putting his own re-election chances on the line, and you can bet he knows it.

If tariffs, whether in China or Mexico affect the economy adversely, it’s going to hurt Trump at the ballot box next year.

So why would he take that chance?

Maybe because stopping illegal immigration is the right thing to do.

California fail.   

New tonight is a notice from California government that residents should expect brownouts and even total blackouts in the power supply this summer.

Supposedly, that’s being done to lessen the risk of a power line sparking and catching any brush or trees below it on fire, as happened with a PG&E line last year.

Frankly, a state that cannot deliver routine utility service is a failing state.

Has anyone ever heard of clear-cutting the fuel under the power lines? Or inspecting the lines themselves at least weekly?

Deliberate blackouts and brownouts should work really well for patients in hospitals, the very young and the very old or other utilities like the water department.

Apparently when they were handing out brains during the period of human creation, Californians thought they said trains, and didn’t get in line.

Comments on the floods and twisters

Having lived in Ft. Smith, AR (famous for being the home of the so-called hanging judge, Roy Parker, who is NOT the same guy in Texas who also was nicknamed a hanging judge) back in the late 1960’s, in an apartment just six blocks from the river, this writer can relate to the floods better than most.

In fact, the one and only twister I was ever actually in was in Ft. Smith (in December, no less), and it’s freaky how capricious those things can be. It took the chimney off  my apartment building, just about leveled a home half a block away, moved on to a little town called Greenwood and just about wiped it out.

A relative helped build the Dardanelle Dam, which the last I heard was still standing.

It hasn’t made the news yet, but I wonder how little (just over 3,000 residents) Muldrow (OK) is doing. It is just across the river from Ft. Smith and at that time was home to a darn good restaurant where we sometimes went on Friday nights.

The folks that live in that area are as tough as an old boot, and eventually, they’ll get the mess straightened out.

Best wishes to them.

Science and the heartbeat laws.

Featured today was the story of a little girl who was born prematurely at 23 weeks due to maternal complications and weighed less than a pound at birth.

She went home yesterday at five pounds and was described as “healthy.”

This obviously isn’t the norm, but just as obviously, she wasn’t a lump of dough or an amorphous conglomeration of unrelated cells at 23 weeks .

And that brings up a problem for both pro and anti-abortion believers, especially the third trimester groups.

It would seem to be common sense that if it is illegal to kill a child surviving on its own, then any fetus who could become a viable baby outside the mother’s womb, even if it requires  medical care post-birth is just as illegal.

The obvious goal of the so-called heartbeat bills is to effectively outlaw abortions, since many women, especially if they tend to have irregular periods, wouldn’t even know they were pregnant at 6 weeks. Thus, they could be jailed for committing a “crime” they didn’t even know they were committing.

Even if you are pro-choice, it’s hard to justify abortion rights by saying that the only “person” affected is the woman, especially if the fetus is past 24 weeks along, and this little girl, who is certainly a person, is the proof of the pudding. There is the baby, and usually there is a father in the picture too, unless the baby was the product of rape or incest.

At some point, Roe v Wade is going to have to be addressed again.

Many anti-abortion people are also against artificial birth control, which seems incredibly strange.  After all, the best way to make abortion unnecessary is to not get pregnant in the first place.

The heartbeat bills are not the answer, but having unprotected sex and then having an abortion on demand  to “cure” the resulting pregnancy isn’t either.

This whole mess needs a lot more thought than we give it now.




Mueller, in his own words.

If you have read the entire Mueller report (and we have), this in-person address was one way of saying “Nothing new to see here, folks.”

We are making the supposition that this public address was Mueller’s way of satisfying the calls for his public testimony, as well as saying that this is all he would say even if subpoenaed by Congress.

Still, tone and attitude does convey a nuance to the message.

Whether you read the report or just listened to him today it is clear that he and presumably his team desperately wanted to find evidence of conspiracy  (collusion) with the Russians.

Based on his reiteration of the OLC (Office of Legal Counsel) opinion that you cannot indict a sitting President, one wonders why he spent so much time and money trying to implicate Trump and his campaign members  in a Russian conspiracy.

Please note that the OLC opinion only applies to Presidents, not their campaign staff.

Mueller could have charged and  indicted anyone else in Trump’s campaign, from the Trump sons to the pilot of his personal jet, IF there was any evidence. That is presumably why AG Barr said no campaign member was found to have colluded with the Russians.

Note that the Russians themselves were charged and indicted, for all the good that does at this point.

The best the Mueller team could do was to charge some campaign members with unrelated crimes such as tax evasion (Bannon) that happened years before there even was a Trump campaign, or suck them into a perjury trap after the campaign.

If Papadopoulos was indeed set up by a human FBI or CIA asset, that does put a different spin on things, but that’s yet to be proven.

So much for “collusion.”

That leaves much of America asking how Trump could have “obstructed” investigation into a crime that doesn’t exist.

So why was all the ink, time and money used to create “volume 2?” Perhaps it was a “matter” of justification.

The bad thing is, none of this will change very many people’s opinion of the President.

Does that mean this is over?  Dream on, little ones.

The Dems will drop this when Trump draws his last breath on this earth, even if he lives to be 100.

Quite frankly this has become boring as hell.

The haters will continue to hate, and his supporters will vote the President back into office in 2020, assuming they aren’t numerically in the minority or the system isn’t corrupted by states voting to throw all their electoral votes to whomever has the most votes in their state.

In short, Washington is still the 21st century national version of Tammany Hall in the USA and will remain that way until we get short term limits in place.

One thing Mueller was right about.  We do need to slap the Russian, Ukrainian and Latin American communists down, hard and often.


For those who asked, yes, we’ve missed a few days here and there. That’s partly due to this writer trying to baby an old back injury, and partly because there is no reason to parrot the news and opinion media.

As we noted all this impeachment drama isn’t so much dramatic as boring, and we hate to do boring.

That said, if there is something worth writing about, we’ll be here. At the present time, it’s too early to focus on just one Democrat, but there are a few, like Biden, Buttigieg, Harris, and a few others that are worth wasting a little ink on even at this early stage.

All engines – full stop.

Did Dems just go a step too far?

As you may have heard, less than an hour before a previously scheduled meeting between President Trump and Democrat leaders to discuss infrastructure, Nancy Pelosi popped off that the President is engaged in a cover-up.

She didn’t say what he was supposedly covering up, but apparently she was referring to his objections to the Dems staging a rerun of the Mueller probe.

Needless to say, that went over about as gracefully as a pregnant pole vaulter. In short, the President was pissed.

The upshot was that when Pelosi and Schumer got to the White House he told them that they could legislate or investigate, but not both at the same time.

Apparently their answer to that was that the investigation would go on, and the President turned on his heel and left.  Duration of meeting?  About five minutes.

For their part, the two Dems then went on camera to say that they didn’t have the meeting because the President didn’t know how infrastructure  could be funded, and was therefore afraid to have the discussion.


Just how stupid do Democrats think we are? Wait, don’t answer that. They think we are dumber than a post.

We know that aside from finding absolutely no evidence that anyone in the Trump campaign or subsequently his administration “colluded” with Russia, Mueller’s merry band of investigators also failed to stretch his investigation out  long enough, i.e., a lot closer to the 2020 election.

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX-18th) says she has the paperwork ready to introduce today or tomorrow to begin impeachment proceedings, although Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI- 12th), whose job it is to whip votes for things like this, would not say whether the House has enough votes to get it passed.

We are in the camp of “defecate or get off the pot.” or if not, just shut up altogether.