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TGIF – August 16, 2019

Trump’s not-so-new green card rules.

Ellis Island didn’t allow sick or illiterate people to immigrate.

At least you can have a runny nose or a goiter and still immigrate into the U.S. in today’s world.

That wasn’t true in the early years of the 20th century according to, which also noted that would-be immigrants were herded through metal guardrails. The arrivees also had to be literate, as illiteracy adversely impacted their employability. also refers to a disinclination to allow in arrivees who might become wards of the state, as noted in this passage:

Questionable candidates were forced to submit to more detailed questioning and medical exams, and any signs of contagious disease, poor physique, feeblemindedness or insanity could see an immigrant denied admittance on the grounds that they were likely to become a ward of the state ” .

In fact, today’s bleeding heart liberals would probably succumb to a moral paroxysm if we used the rules extant in the late 18th and early 19th century.

Apparently living off the government wasn’t popular then either.

Granted, the “new” ruling could use some clarification.  It appears to refer only to those who derive the main portion of their subsistence from government programs, but to date, that hasn’t been made clear in the press, and we could benefit from seeing its intent better explained.

The other “Green”deal.

The  U.S. has been interested in purchasing Greenland before, specifically in 1946. The Danes weren’t up for it then either, according to, even though at that time we offered to trade in part of Alaska too.

WaPo counts

According to the Washington Post, President Trumps has “lied” 12,019 times in 928 days.

Gee, a politician who exaggerates things. Who knew.

At least now we do know why WaPo seems to have so little time to gets its own facts straight.

Law and order.

First, kudos to the Philly cops for not succumbing to the urge to blow the guy who was shooting at them into kingdom come once they got the cops and their prisoners out of the house.

Second, how damn stupid do you have to be to go on a gun control rant and ignore the fact that the perp was dealing drugs, and not even comment on the fact that the narcotics cops were there to serve arrest warrants at a house full of drug dealers that was right next to a day care?

We dunno, but you could ask former prosecutor Harris, or former mayor ( Newark NJ 2006-2013) Booker.

Third, do you suppose any of the drugs being sold might have come over the border that Dems want to open?

Yes, the cocaine seized in the largest drug bust in U.S. history (35,000 pounds) came in through a Philadelphia seaport, not over the southern border. But, from 2011 to 2015, US customs and Border Patrol statistics show there were 10,788,135.3 pounds of all kinds of drugs seized at the southern border, and we don’t even know how much wasn’t seized but made its way into our cities.

Add to that the fact that people were heckling the cops and the story is about a lot more than gun control.

And while we’re on the subject of the hecklers…

During the water throwing incidents in New York City we noticed a kid, a little guy maybe 3 or 4, wearing orange shorts who was right there taking it all in. In one shot it appeared someone handed him a cup, although we didn’t see the child throw it at the cops.

What a great way to raise your kids. Maybe the Philly hecklers were just upset that they were losing their neighborhood dealers.

Americans and gun control.

We heard someone on TV say they don’t know how the American people feel about outlawing guns and universal background checks.

We can’t speak for the whole of America, but we know how some of them feel, and Wayne LaPierre is the least of Congress’ worries.

Given the way Democrats are trying to take over everything in America from healthcare to equating a minimum wage with a living wage, to what’s taught in our schools, to what kind of car you can drive, or the food you can eat, reminds many people that the first thing dictators do is disarm the public.

They are asking questions about Dems who advocate for gun confiscation, buybacks or Federal gun licensing.

They also note that according to law enforcement, none of the proposed gun control policies would have stopped the Las Vegas, Dayton and El Paso shooters, nor would they have stopped the “slicers”, i.e. people using knives to kill and maim others.

One of the shooters also had a shotgun and handguns, and people ask if gun control advocates would also target those weapons.

That doesn’t mean all gun owners are against common sense policies like red flag laws, as long as those laws include strict due process.

One gun owner just became the fifth generation of his family to inherit an antique 1892 Colt .45. The gun is in wonderful shape, probably hasn’t been shot two dozen times since it was new, and thus is still a viable weapon.

“There is no way I am going to do a background check when the time comes for me to pass it on to my son, nor am I going to register it.  It’s simply a piece of family history.”

You don’t hear about these gun owners much, but you will, especially in 2020.

TGIF – August 9, 2019

Naddled, again.

Jerry Nadler is certainly a sore loser, as evidenced by his new crusade against Justice Kavanaugh, whereby he wants to see all of Kavanaugh’s White House records from his time in the Bush administration, something that the  former Bush administration might have a problem with as well.

And then of course there is President Trump.

Having failed utterly to “convict” President Trump of being a Russian agent, Jerry Nadler is nevertheless hell bent on impeaching him.

This personal obsession should frankly be enough to have Nadler removed from his committee duties, perhaps to a rubber room, but that’s obviously not going to happen.

Perhaps it would be better to just let him play out his fantasies.

Nothing would guarantee the President’s re-election as surely as a failed impeachment.

If news reports are to be believed, Nadler is going after Trump primarily because of personal animus based on business dealings predating the Trump presidency by many years.

That may explain his strange behavior, but it does not explain the concerted effort by the FBI and Democrats to prevent or end Trump’s presidency, leaving us to wonder just what electing Clinton was meant to cover up.

As we have conjectured before, it also seems to be about more than just losing an election.

If the teases are to be believed, the OG’s report and the AG’s investigation may have some damaging findings that touch on more than just individual wrongdoing by a few DOJ and FBI bad actors.

Should be worth waiting for…just not for too long.

Twitter needs competition.

Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the liberal social media are never going to play fair with conservatives.

Maybe we need another social media platform. Surely there are people on the conservative side smart enough to design and build another platform.

Maybe we could call it “Swatter.” Then, instead of tweeting, we could swat.

Remove guns…or fingers?

A few days past I was in a store that, along with clothes, batteries and sporting goods, sells guns.

There they were, rifles standing along the wall, handguns peering at me from showcases.

Not a one leveled itself at me or anyone else.

Maybe the thing we need to remove are trigger fingers, not guns.

Left wing suicide prevention.

Gun control will not lower leftist suicide rates.

Between Democrats doxxing their own donors, liberal Trump haters like a former FBI employee named Figliuzzi claiming the President is engaging in subliminal Nazi mind control, and Joe Biden, who has never figured out that he was the token honky in the Obama campaign, you have to ask yourself:

Why would anyone vote for these nut cases?

Even people who are lifelong Democratic voters ARE asking themselves that question.

We can only suppose that TDS is so virulent it can actually be a terminal illness, at least politically.

Meanwhile the Dems do have a few nearly sane contenders like John Delaney who actually could attract moderate Democratic voters, and yet they seem determined to chuck them out of the race.

Which leads us to send this message to President Trump:

Sir, when the opposition is burying themselves in a hole, give them shovels and let them keep digging.


Dems spew hate speech.

It seems as though the people spewing the most hate speech aren’t Republicans, if you assume that Joe Biden speaks for Democrats as he says Trump speaks for Republicans.

No one in the general public condones or excuses the murders and attacks in Dayton, El Paso or Gilroy. The people who committed them are not mental patients, they are killers, plain and simple, and like chicken killing dogs, need to be put down as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Politicians, who are truly a sort of aberrant population subset, seem to need these events the way a crackhead needs dope.

Yes, it’s a presidential election year but that hardly excuses the rhetoric.

First of all, people entering the country by surreptitious means are not immigrants, they are trespassers.

Those who are claiming asylum, particularly those who do it properly may or may not be refugees, but they are not immigrants.

The 1.2 million or so people who legally applied for and were granted entry last year are immigrants.

So to say Trump is “anti-immigrant” is both untrue and misleading. If he was, those 1.2 million people wouldn’t be here.

Secondly, when the Bidens, Bookers, and Castros of the world call all Trump voters and supporters white supremacists, they are committing the very same racial profiling of which they accuse Trump.

Perhaps we need to paraphrase  Shakespeare’s line ”The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” as stated by Dick the Butcher in ”Henry VI,” Part II, act IV, Scene II.

Perhaps instead we should say, “the first thing we do is fire all the politicians.”

We must stop training criminals.

This is going to be short and sweet.

After listening all weekend to people making accusations and even excuses for the Dayton and El Paso killers, I have not heard one word about nipping these psychos in the bud long before they killed.

These murderers did not go from choirboys to killers in a weekend.

Specifically, I’m talking about not covering up for juvenile offenders. The Dayton killer is known to have been a juvenile offender.

We have a goodie-two-shoes mentality that we have to protect bad-acting kids from being labeled as such.

That’s bullshit.

We spend a decade or so making sure no one knows about the thief or animal abuser living next door, so is it any wonder that they mature into full-fledged killers or criminals by the time they turn 18?

The Dayton killer in particular was identified as a person with an extensive juvenile record.

If your old enough to do the crime, you are old enough to have your name and face splattered across TV and the newspapers, and you are old enough to do time right on through your 18th birthday.

And that’s if they even get any time.

Maybe some of these people do come from abusive homes, but often the only abuse in the home comes from the kid.  That was true of the Parkland shooter.

Bad is bad, and age is not an excuse. If the Dayton killer had been charged with threatening classmates as has been alleged, he would have had a record that would have kept him from legally purchasing a firearm.

Think about that.