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TGIF – August 17,2018.

Ah, the independent press.

It hardly seems that the way to prove the independence and “freedom” of the national press is for over 300 outlets to receive a script from the Boston Globe and then follow it slavishly.

When they rail against being called “the enemy of the people”, it might be justified, because that quote, attributed to Donald Trump, appears incomplete.

To be accurate, the quote should read “the enemy of the smelly Walmart and Target shopper people who voted for Trump.”

To their credit, some outlets like the Wall Street Journal, while not exactly Trump fans,  chose not to march in lockstep. Good for them, even if they did it in the spirit of CYA.

Cuomo shows his colors.

Andrew Cuomo,  current governor of New York, following the lead of others including former President Obama, stuck his foot in his mouth all the way to the knee when he asserted that “America was never great.” His handlers and PR people can spin that until they wear a hole in the floor, but it is on tape, and will make a great campaign ad for the general election.

Now, if he had said that “America is not perfect” that would be far easier to defend.

No one, right or left, believes that any nation is perfect, especially when perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

Still, this country is perfect enough for millions of people to want to move here, and that says a lot for its relative greatness.

BTW…Canada’s still too close, and since we still consider it a friend, why in the world would we want to inflict Cuomo on them? That’s just cruel.

Better fill in those low spots.

Once again, a Federal judge in South Carolina has reportedly blocked a Trump administration effort to bring some sanity into the Clean Water Act.

The administration attempted to modify the so-called WOTUS (waters of the U.S.) description so as not to include every rainwater or snow melt seasonal puddle as a navigable waterway, using the logic in “Rapanos v. the United States” an opinion made by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Can you say “activist jurist?”

About those security clearances.

With all the hullabaloo about the President revoking John Brennan’s security clearance, we thought we’d ask:

Why does anyone no longer employed by the government get to keep their security clearance for a lifetime?

According to what we’ve been shown on the tube, separated intelligence agents have their clearances renewed ad infinitum, in five-year increments. Perhaps that’s true for other departments as well.

Why, and unless they are being updated with new information, what good is it?

Perhaps for the first year or two of any new administration, their knowledge of operations might be useful, and having a clearance means they can waltz into the government offices at will. But after that their value is purely historical, and the longer they are out of office, the less useful their memories will be, assuming they aren’t privy to all the new stuff too.

If they do have something useful to contribute after five,  ten or twenty years, why can’t they just get a one-time pass, be interviewed in a SCIF (sans unauthorized recording devices), and then go away again?

With that in mind, are former CIA, Homeland Security, FBI and the other spooks all being updated on new investigations and operations periodically?

The thought of that is a lot scarier than revoking one MSNBC commentator’s clearance.

Comments on the news today.

  1. As someone who didn’t watch The Apprentice, I had to go back and watch reruns when Donald Trump announced his candidacy, meaning that I got a full dose of OMN all at once. She mentions her “bitch switch”.

Doesn’t calling something a “switch” imply that it has an “off” setting? Don’t bother            wasting your money on her book, unless fiction is your thing.

So much for that topic.

  1. The Catholic Church has some ‘splainin” to do. The Pope portrays himself as tough on predator priests. He can prove that by publicly releasing the Vatican’s records on accused priests. This has been a stain on Catholicism for decades, and the best way to cure it is to go public with it.

Failing to do so might truly result in this being the last Pope.

  1. With a few more primaries now in the books, we get ever closer to November 6. So far, it seems that this will be an election that weighs in on the extremes.

Speaking of extremes, run your tongue over this phrase;  President Elizabeth           Warren.


  1. Normally, FDA medication recalls don’t get a lot of publicity, but for those who take thyroid replacements, this story about one manufacturer’s defective levothyroxine might resonate.

For  some people, taking this medication is truly a life-or-death event, so getting it right is important.

America’s socialist generation.

To the extent that anyone is paying attention to the braying in the Beltway, people are not surprised that many 18-34 year olds are in favor of socialism.

“What do you expect?” says Barb. “Look, maybe I’m an old curmudgeon, but two generations of parents have protected and exalted their children as ‘special’ when in reality, they were just plain old kids. You can’t give kids every little thing they want, and protect them from the consequences of their actions forever and expect them to grow up as responsible adults. Now they’re grown up and they still expect to be given everything for nothing.”

To that end, some folks say that forgiving student loan debt or providing “free” college is the wrong thing to do.

Any idiot should have known that graduating with 5 and 6 figure debt was unlikely to produce a high standard of living post-college, but between the colleges themselves and the propaganda that says you must have a college degree to get a job, that fact didn’t penetrate the student ranks.

“Tom” has a liberal arts degree, but he was unable to get a job in his field of study.  After receiving training as a heavy equipment operator, he is now averaging $75K a year, and has worked steadily for three years.  He has also paid off his $22,000 student loan and is now saving up for a house.  His take?  “No one should go to college until they work for a few years first. If I had done that, I would have never gotten into the mess I was in.”

It’s hard to say whether the Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders fans will ever get their way and change the America we have known into some super-Scandinavian or Greek socialist nation.

Given that even those nations are now second-guessing themselves, let’s hope not.

Much ado about …what?

So, the MSM is all spun up about one of President Trump’s tweets, relative to the Trump Tower meeting.

Supposedly they are cackling about him “admitting” that the meeting  between Don Jr. and a Russian lawyer was based on getting some sort of oppo research on HRC.

Hold on a minute.

Didn’t Junior release a whole series of emails about who told him the Russian broad had some kind of dirt on Hillary, OVER A YEAR AGO (7/11/17)?

And didn’t the actual focus of that meeting turn out to be about the Magnitsky Act, i.e. adoptions of Russian children?

The plain fact is that if they have to, the President’s enemies will try to indict him for failing to put the toilet seat down in the West Wing, if that’s all they can find to hang their hats upon.

It’s a true thing that Trump Sr. would be better off sometimes if he didn’t let his fingers do the talking.

But of all of his recent tweets, this one is the most innocuous and least controversial of late and serves only to point out the depth and severity of the TDS affliction in the MSM.

And we pay these people?

If you had any lingering doubts that our lawmakers don’t know up from down, the pitiful performance by Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) should convince you.

Briefly, Hirono was pontificating about the separation of children being all Donald Trump’s fault, because he “made up” grounds to “snatch the children away from their mother’s arms.”

She was then schooled by an ICE official on the exact section of the U.S. code the illegal entrants were breaking.

She was then heard to say “I’m confused.”

No, lady.  You are not confused, just stupidly and mindlessly parroting the propaganda you are being fed.

Like so many of her ilk, Ms. Hirono was not elected because she knows the laws, or even cares about them.

She holds her seat so she can resist the President. Like so many in her party, she is simply an animatronic puppet.

Even the separations were and are due to a law or a legal ruling, courtesy of one judge who ruled against the Obama administration in 2015 for doing the same thing, in violation of the 1997 Flores decision.

Perhaps Ms. Hirono might be “confused” enough to study immigration law, but we doubt it.

That would require that she actually care about her job, and she certainly wasn’t elected to do that.

Need 911? – Tough!

By now everyone has heard or read about the Portland, Oregon mayor instructing the police to ignore 911 calls from anyone connected to ICE.

So does that mean that if someone calls 911, they have to pretend to be a Marxist liberal to get protection?

You. “Hi.  Someone is throwing Molotov cocktails at my house, please send the police.”

Dispatcher: “Are you a Republican or a member of ICE?”

You.  “Yes but this happening at my house.”

Dispatcher. “I’ll send someone as soon as they can pick up a gallon of gasoline.”

This is pure unadulterated crap, and a stain on the uniforms of police everywhere.

This mayor should be removed from office, forcibly if necessary, and every cop who was fine with ignoring a citizen’s request for assistance while completely outside the ICE property should be relieved of his or her badge.

Since when does the motto of the police read…”Protect and serve (just the people we agree with politically.)

This is where TDS is taking us.

One hopes that the ICE union continues with their legal action and that no one gets hurt or killed because the police have neither the stones nor the honor to oppose the mayor.

In the meantime, it might be wise to cross Portland off your list of places to visit. Either that or put a “Karl Marx for president” sticker across your forehead.