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TGIF – July 20, 2018.

Time for the right to wise up.

Over the past week, we have seen an all-out assault on the governmental identity of the United States.

Make no mistake, there is nothing soft about this attempted coup.

The first thing any coup requires is to disarm (in the figurative as well as the literal sense) the opposition.

If you doubt that, note that you have the 44th President standing in front of an audience in Johannesburg, South Africa, taking about the “racist nationalism” of the United States, a long-standing theme of his.

That’s not a new theme for him, or for the left, but it’s the most open indicator of their agenda since he left office.

The meme is, if you are a proud American, it’s because the country is run by a bunch of white male supremacists exercising their toxic masculinity to discriminate against anyone who doesn’t look like them.

Some people are saying that was just a publicity stunt meant to get him back in the spotlight as he starts producing content for his new Netflix ventures.

Maybe so, but he is still the titular head of the Democratic party, and they have been begging him to be more involved in the midterms and in 2020.

It is not helpful that President Trump seems unable to refrain from giving them ammunition in the form of carelessly worded statements and unnecessary malaprops.

That doesn’t mean it was wrong to elect him.  If he wasn’t there, all of this anti-American, anti-democracy tripe would have continued to simmer under the surface, until the country was no longer America. To the extent he has forced the hard left to expose their hand, he has more than done his job.

Now it’s time for him to put his personal ego aside, and get smart about how he continues to do that. This is not just about him.

It’s also way past time for the GOP to poop or get off the pot, to run more openly against the ideology and not just the faces of the left.

Petition? What petition?

To no one’s surprise, California has now invalidated the petition allowing for the question of splitting California into three states to appear on the ballot. Whether or not that’s a good idea, or even feasible isn’t the point.

The point is, those people favoring it did everything they were supposed to do, working within the system to give the people of the state a voice and a chance to vote on it, and the “progressive” government of California gave them a big “screw you.”

Refer to the above post.

Get out there.

OK, so much for the soapbox.  Summer is in full swing.  Get off the couch, unplug the plastic brains, and go do something fun.  It’ll be cold again before you know it.  Summer only happens once a year.  Don’t waste it.


Cause and effect.

Want to know how the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies got to be so distrusted?

Just play a montage of the the comments made by their former executives over the past few weeks.

Comey, Brennan, McCabe and all the rest were about as biased and unfair, not to mention threatening, as any group of people could be during their tenures.

Brennan in particular over the past few days just sounds whacked out, with his tweets about treason, impeachment and all the rest.

And take Comey.  Please take him, somewhere, anywhere.

It’s inevitable that when people like this are in command, they affect the culture of organizations.

The people beneath them are careerists. You don’t have much of a career path unless you stay on the good side of the boss.

Might it be time for Mr. Mueller to do the difficult thing, and look beyond Russia and the Trump campaign at how the rot in his former agency may have affected the country during the election.

That’s assuming of course that he is the fair and impartial special counsel that he is reputed to be by everyone who has no problem spending over a million dollars a month on his investigation.







Speaking of demands…

The headlines shout that “Congress” (read that as Trump resisters) DEMANDS that the Trump translator tell all to Congress about what was said in the private meeting.

To that we have to say “Fine.  Just as soon as former President Obama and his administration, including that other 2016 candidate, tell all they know about how the Russians managed to have had the “flexibility” to operate with such a free hand in the United States ever since 2013.

Fair is fair.

Obviously, President Trump’s gaffe or speaking error was bound to feed the fever of TDS sufferers on both sides of the aisle.

Let’s face it.  This is how it’s going to be for the next two or even six years.

We have a progressive, socialism inclined wing of the Democratic party who thought it was well on the way to “changing” America from  democracy to a socialist nation and that group will never let up on Trump or his supporters.

Because she’s too young and inexperienced to know better, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Bronx-born darling of the extreme left provides not just a window but a garage door-sized view into the rising socialist element in American politics.

That isn’t exactly going over well with mainstream Democrats, many of whom have already signaled that if she is elected in November she’s going to have to learn to go along to get along.

It’s doubtful, based on a biographical NYT profiling article that she will be content to join the herd. She isn’t the face of those Democrats, nor does she want to be seen that way.

She is however, the face of a generation of younger Americans who have been carefully educated, propagandized and groomed as a sort of  made-in-America political revolutionary guard.

With that in mind, it might behoove the GOP to take some of their own members to task, and accept the President’s explanation.

It is likely that he actually simply screwed up. “Wouldn’t” certainly fits better with what he was saying just prior to that “oops,”  when he was commenting on what his people were telling him about Putin.

So speaking of demands; how about demanding that the Republican TDS sufferers stick a sock in it,  cut the guy some slack, look past him and a lot farther into the future?

Helsinki – your take.

We know what all the President’s enemies and naysayers think about the Putin “summit”, but what about his supporters?

“Jim” says that the most damaging moment was when the President asked why would Russia meddle in the election. “That just makes him sound naïve.”

“Marge” says that the President always seems to butter up people to try to get them talking to him, and she thinks that was what he was doing.

“Larry”  thinks that the President’s remarks go back to the way the intelligence departments have treated him ever since he won the election. “Why would he trust them? All they’ve done is try to destroy him.”

“Mark” is more critical.  “Look, he knew the world would be watching for any sign that he was more on Putin’s side than ours. This “talk first, think later” habit of his is his greatest drawback.”

“Joe” agrees, but notes that he handled North Korea’s dictator the same way, so people should take that into account.  “It’s just his style, and doesn’t mean he’s in love with Putin.”

“Harold” says “When somebody’s shooting at you and runs out of bullets, you don’t throw them a full clip.”

Others commented on the ridiculous over-reaction of the left.

“Mike “says “Did you see that New York Times cartoon video? And this from a paper that virtue signals about LGBTQ issues all the time. Somebody should run over their presses with a bulldozer.”  (BTW – we aren’t going to link to that smutty YouTube video. Google it if you haven’t seen it already.)

In short, his supporters aren’t pleased about the presser, but they are still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, even if somewhat conditionally.

“Sandy” put it this way.  “Maybe he doesn’t care about what the left thinks about him, since he can’t change their minds anyway. But no matter how much I like what he’s done so far, he has to remember the rest of us. Doing stupid s— isn’t going to help him Make America Great Again.”

And that’s some feedback from Main Street.

Red flags about red flag laws.

An article which appears on makes a comment relative to the way in which New Jersey’s new gun confiscation law, one of six new gun laws, is being implemented.

Apparently the guns were legally owned by a man whose son made some sort of comment at school that triggered (pardon the pun) someone into calling the police. The father said he “…was having a conversation, not making threats.”

Regular readers will remember Musings came out in favor of so-called red flag laws for people who are chronic problems for law enforcement.  It was part of a post noting that law enforcement had made dozens of visits to the Parkland shooter’s home for reports of violence, and there was apparently a law on the books that would have allowed them to temporarily confiscate his firearms and search the house.

Musings still stands by that opinion, specific to that set of circumstances. However, that doesn’t mean we should condone laws that attack the Second Amendment, and Parkland seems to be being wielded as a weapoin to do exactly that.

The article in question does not go into any detail about the comment the son made, to whom or why. It does say the school refused to let him attend his middle-school graduation and expelled him and  implies it was because of the attempted confiscation.

That doesn’t allow for any way to ascertain whether the police had probable cause for attempting (unsuccessfully, as it turned out) to confiscate the weapons, or whether the son had a record of making threatening statements. In short, both sides aren’t represented in the article.

The fact that the guns were not confiscated in the end would indicate that someone may have jumped to conclusions.

What it does do is to bring into question whether laws are being passed without due consideration of their consequences.

It also brings up questions about the rights of gun owners in the face of the hysteria about guns.

The man’s wife voluntarily allowed officers into the house without a search warrant. That meant that anything they found was fair game.

Most of us, particularly if we believe we or our family members have done nothing wrong, would probably have done the same thing the wife did. That is, be cooperative with the officers.

The police probably aren’t at fault here. They were told there was a threat made, and with Parkland still so fresh, and a brand-new law on the books to back them up, they probably did what they thought was right.

But with all the ginned up hysteria being hyped by the media, laws like this one need to be reviewed very carefully before passing them.

New Jersey already has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, as well as a culture of government intolerance on all things firearms related, among others.

Also not noted in the article is why the officers didn’t first take the boy in for questioning, but instead went directly to the home.

At the very least, due process would seem to require that officers have a search warrant, absent any active circumstances in progress at the time, i.e. a 911 call for assistance.

Do we need better school protection? Yes.

Does that mean every gun owner should be branded as a criminal? No.

It’s a hell of a lot to ask in a country that has clearly lost its ability and desire to think for itself, but applying a jumbo serving of common sense is in order here.

TGIF – July 13, 2018

Abolish ICE bill introduced.

Representatives  Mark Pocan,( D-WI), Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) and Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) have introduced  a bill to abolish ICE and break up its functions among other agencies.

They issued their declaration of intent on Rep. Pocan’s web page in the form of a press release, and it names six other backers.

For real context you might want to view the Immigration and Customs Enforcement “about” page, which clearly states that combating illegal immigration, including within our borders, IS part of their reason for existence.

Of course this “no borders”  bill has literally no chance of becoming law, but it will be interesting to see who comes out and actually votes for it.

Underlying the declaration is the clear intent to decriminalize illegal immigration.

Make no mistake, this is part of a concerted effort to undermine the sovereignty of the United States. Like New York Mayor de Blasio, these folks would like there to be no line on a map separating the U.S. from any other country.

British leftists also in fine form.

Speaking of the New York mayor, another agency on the Democrat’s hit list, i.e. Customs and Border Protection,  is alleging that he sashayed back and forth across the border as though it didn’t exist.

Also showing off for the cameras is De Blasio’s left wing British counterpart, Sadiq Khan of London, England, with his cute little balloon.

Several thousand (some say 70 thousand) leftist-funded anti-Brexit demonstrators are clogging up London’s streets in a mass protest against President Trump, who isn’t even in London today.

Lest you think they represent all of England, reporters have found that once you get out of Britain’s own sanctuary cities, many average British citizens don’t share their sentiments.

Is it just another day?

Friday the 13th has many people hiding under the bed, but research shows that the fear may be rooted in real-life events as this Fox News article by Emily DeCiccio explains.

So, are you a triskaidekaphobe? It’s OK to wait to answer until the 14th.

Not squeaky clean.

Watching the public hearing for Peter Strzok leaves one with the same feeling one gets when someone else didn’t use the trash bin labeled “put used sanitary products here” in the ladies restroom.

In other words, yucksville.

Strzok certainly lives up to his bad press, and one can feel some kinship with Trey Gowdy.

And like all these public hearings, this one provides a stage for all the reasons average people hate Congress and Washington as a whole.

But underneath all that, is the uncomfortable realization that perhaps there isn’t as much to admire about the FBI and DOJ as we have been conditioned to believe.

This HAD to go deeper than just a half dozen upper level management people.

The breadth of the investigations would have required assigning some of it at least to field office level special agents and more attorneys than just Lisa Page.

For instance, Strzok said he changed the wording from “gross negligence” because “the lawyers would prefer it that way.”

Lawyers, plural?

So did Page alone coach him, or was that why Comey said he didn’t know a single DOJ prosecutor who would have prosecuted Mrs. Clinton?

That might explain why the current FBI director never addresses the wrongdoing, but instead strives at every turn to portray his agency as the unblemished agency duped by Comey, Strzok, Page and one or two other bad apples.

Either the DOJ has troubles that run  lot deeper than the seventh floor, or it has an awful lot of robot agents that never question the propriety or lawfulness of an order.

In any case, it is somewhat reassuring to see that Strzok lives up to being the narcissistic, ass-covering, blame-shifting colostomy bag that we have been led to believe that he is.

At least that part isn’t fake news.