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All engines – full stop.

Did Dems just go a step too far?

As you may have heard, less than an hour before a previously scheduled meeting between President Trump and Democrat leaders to discuss infrastructure, Nancy Pelosi popped off that the President is engaged in a cover-up.

She didn’t say what he was supposedly covering up, but apparently she was referring to his objections to the Dems staging a rerun of the Mueller probe.

Needless to say, that went over about as gracefully as a pregnant pole vaulter. In short, the President was pissed.

The upshot was that when Pelosi and Schumer got to the White House he told them that they could legislate or investigate, but not both at the same time.

Apparently their answer to that was that the investigation would go on, and the President turned on his heel and left.  Duration of meeting?  About five minutes.

For their part, the two Dems then went on camera to say that they didn’t have the meeting because the President didn’t know how infrastructure  could be funded, and was therefore afraid to have the discussion.


Just how stupid do Democrats think we are? Wait, don’t answer that. They think we are dumber than a post.

We know that aside from finding absolutely no evidence that anyone in the Trump campaign or subsequently his administration “colluded” with Russia, Mueller’s merry band of investigators also failed to stretch his investigation out  long enough, i.e., a lot closer to the 2020 election.

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX-18th) says she has the paperwork ready to introduce today or tomorrow to begin impeachment proceedings, although Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI- 12th), whose job it is to whip votes for things like this, would not say whether the House has enough votes to get it passed.

We are in the camp of “defecate or get off the pot.” or if not, just shut up altogether.


Should Dems bench Nadler?

You occasionally hear murmers that Jerrold Nadler and President Trump have had a long-running personal feud, dating back to the late 1980’s.

That may well account for some of the things Nadler does that seem to be completely off the wall, to the point that it makes some Democrats look like a deranged band of howler monkeys, screaming for impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi is apparently going to have another little sit-down with that group tomorrow, but anyone watching the constant haranguing knows that moving for impeachment now would most surely all but guarantee a Trump win next year.

Seniority and longevity would make it all but impossible to remove Nadler from his position, but you have to wonder if the Speaker of the House sometimes wants to just lock him in a closet somewhere.

One of those times might be today, as Nadler made all sorts of wild-eyed threats against both Don McGhan and President Trump this morning.

Just about every President has at one time or another ignored a subpoena  from Congress, and so far as we know, none were impeached for doing so.

To most people, it makes no sense at all for Democrats to try to engineer a do-over of the Mueller investigation,  especially when doing so means that the Dems will not be working on anything voters really care about.

We are setting up one of the the same scenarios that torqued voter’s jaws tight almost three years ago, and that is that politicians are always putting off acting on real issues because there is another damn election about to take place.

It will interesting to see what Madam Pelosi has to say to her cubs tomorrow, assuming that it leaks as quickly as things usually do on the Hill.









Cruising the news.

We hate to agree with Alyssa Milano about anything, but she’s right about one answer to abortion on demand…keep your legs closed  (and carry a good, sharp knife) and you’ll probably never need to worry about abortion.

While the majority of us understand that a developing fetus is not a lump of bread dough rising in a woman’s abdomen, one wonders if prohibiting abortions before most women even know they are pregnant might be a step too far.

Seriously though, is abortion really a Federal problem? Just because Roe v Wade was decided in a Federal court, does that make it a Federal problem?  It seems as though some states back freedom of choice while others are so rigid that they are demanding no abortions, ever.

Only 38 out of 50 states have laws on the books that consider the fetus a separate being if a woman is murdered.

Just wonderin’.


And then there’s immigration, and the ridiculous stand of Democrats, who refuse to even consider using Trump’s proposal as a starting point for adult conversation on the subject.

What the (bleep) is so hard to understand about illegal?

As soon as the subject of merit-based legal immigration comes up, some drooling Dem will trot out the rusty old argument that early in our history we didn’t have any restrictions by merit.

First, that’s absolutely untrue, and second, things have changed.

At first the government was simply looking to find enough bodies to populate the states and territories, but even then you couldn’t enter if you were sick, or didn’t have any skills at all.

This ain’t Disneyland, folks, and besides, you have to be able to pay to go there too.


And last but not least, Bill De Blasio finally got around to declaring he was in on the run for the presidency.

Whoopee.   No wonder everyone thinks Biden will win the primaries.

Another Obama surrogate?

Seeing as how even the most “woke” Democrats can’t find a way to put Hillary Clinton back on the ticket for 2020, they’re running the next best thing –  Joe Biden.

Biden is essentially the closest thing now that the Obama Democrats have to another Obama term, which is what Hillary was.

There’s no doubt that Joe Biden will come across better than Hillary did, unless of course he leanns too far left and insults the blue collar Democrats too. That’s unlikely, because his stock in trade has always been his ability to scam, er, cultivate the working class.

The Real Clear Politics average ranking has Biden ahead of Bernie by 13 points.  Other polls have Biden up by as much as 18 points over Bernie, with the rest of the pack struggling to get into double digits.

Not that polls matter at this stage of the game anyway. With 23 Democratic candidates all in the hunt it’s amazing that anyone is in double digits.

What is interesting is that Biden, at least as of now, is at best a middle of the road liberal, and he’s smart enough not to try to out-Bernie the self-avowed Democratic Socialist. Biden will be all in on single-payer healthcare, but less so on supporting a guaranteed income or taking people’s  gasoline burning cars away from them, at least pre-election.

And that’s what gives him his appeal.  Various polls rank Bernie-ism as popular with only about 25% of probable Democrat voters.

To those voters who find Trump just a classic boor, Biden knows when to be just one of the boys remember ( ‘This is a big f—ing deal’), and when to present himself more elegantly.

True, he can’t help being an old white guy, but stacked up against Trump, he offers a flashback to Obama, and a less irritating version of both Sanders and Trump.

Still the first primary is still more than half a year away, and who knows who or what will crawl out of the woodwork to run between now and then (think de Blasio)?


Dems still looking for dirt.

An article in Politico today that outlines one of the legal tiffs going on over Congress’ attempts to subpoena the President’s tax returns shows that Dems are still obsessed with their Manchurian candidate theory.

A lot of people have wondered out loud why Congress should give a damn about how much money the President made or even lost before becoming President. So did the judge.

The counsel for the House enumerated among other things that it would show whether the President was “…under the thumb of a foreign power…” before running for office.

The House Dems are apparently pursuing Trump’s pre-election taxes on the say-so of the convicted liar, Michael Cohen, who has apparently told them that Trump overstated the value of his real estate holdings in order to get a loan to buy the Buffalo Bills football team.

Considering the amount of money likely involved in that transaction, you would think that even a bank as large as Deutsche Bank would have at least taken a long hard look at the collateral presented to it to confirm Trump’s stated net worth before tackling the request.

At this point, no one should be bewildered about any Democrat’s desire to “get” the President.

If Congress wants to add tax returns or other financial disclosures, such as a cash flow statement, to the three requirements already in the Constitution, they should pass a bill to add the financial information to the required qualifications, not just for the President but for any elected officer.

We might all benefit from checking out the financials of Biden, O’Rourke, or even Schumer, Pelosi, Elijah Cummings or any other congressional office holder.

House of cards?

The Democrat wing in the House of Representatives seems to be made up of a lot of frustrated sheriffs, judging by how many of them want to arrest various members of the Trump administration.

First it was Trump himself, then his son, and currently it is Attorney General William Barr.

It would be interesting to poll the people who voted for the new Democrat representatives to see  if all this political mayhem was what they were expecting from the newbies.

Between arresting people and sponsoring odd bills like H.R. 5, one has to wonder if these people should be being paid as legislators, or as entertainers.

Perhaps it is interesting to see which Dem will come up with the next ridiculous line, but that certainly isn’t the reason they are being paid.

Actually the main idea seems to be to keep the Trump administration so busy defending against political attacks that it can’t get anything else done.

Given that there are some rather important issues out there, that would seem to be an actual attempt to interfere with the governance of the country.

Unfortunately we are stuck with these jokers until 2020, with the exception of three special elections this year.

In the meantime, it would be educational to keep track of how much actual governing is done before 2020.

If the future is anything like the immediate past, we probably need to see a lot of new faces in the House in 2021.

Our stinky Congressional windbags.

For a bunch that worries so much about global warming, the House Judiciary Committee must have raised the global temperature by at least 2 degrees today.

After bloviating and passing gas for nearly eight hours, the committee voted pretty much along straight party lines to hold William Barr in contempt of Congress this afternoon.

And then the chairman, Jerrold Nadler followed up by doing a poor imitation of some tragic Shakespearean character while declaring we were now in a “constitutional crisis.”

Horse pucky.

The only crisis we are in is that we keep paying these people to satisfy their long squelched dramatic inclinations on the national stage.

After all the grade school caliber histrionics, the committee still doesn’t have the unredacted Mueller report, and unless and until some judge rules on whether the grand jury testimony can be released, they are not likely to see it any time soon.

One has to wonder when the President and the White House legal beagles are going to file charges against the Nadlers, Schumers,  Pelosis and the rest of the disappointed Democrat divas for their constant attempts to derail this President.

After all, if it looks like a coup attempt, sounds like a coup attempt and smells to high heaven like a coup attempt, maybe it is a coup attempt.