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Overreach? The Kavanaugh debacle.

So far we have two women alleging that Brett Kavanaugh was or is a sexual deviant, against over 70 men and women who say the accusations are a load of crap.

The initial accusation from Professor Ford sounded a bit contrived, but pretty much everyone was of the opinion that she has every right to present her case.

Now we have another woman, one Deborah Ramirez, in an interview published in The New Yorker magazine, taking six days to convince herself that a penis she alleges she saw while she was drunk at a Yale college party was that of Judge Kavanaugh. At least four of her contemporaries during that time say the incident she described never happened.

Oh yes, and we also have Stormy Daniels’ lawyer apparently issuing a cattle call for other women to come out and accuse the SCOTUS nominee of sexual improprieties

Dare we say the Never Trumpers and MeToo-ers are trying too hard?

Perhaps one incident could be rationalized to have happened, but this many accusations would indicate that Judge Kavanaugh is a serial sex offender.  That would be pretty hard to cover up anywhere, but it would be particularly hard to hide that sort of behavior in the rarefied air of Washington politics.

Obviously none of us know what, if anything, happened. Apparently, barring any last minute cold feet on the part of Professor Ford, we will get some sort of chance to hear her tell her story in person on Thursday.

This whole debacle unfortunately confirms the impression of Washington politics that millions of Americans have of Washington.

The sad part of all this is that even if proven false, the stories will follow Judge Kavanaugh for the rest of his life, even if he is confirmed.

No wonder that normal people say they’d rather drink gasoline than enter politics.

TGIF – Sept. 21, 2018

OK, now what?

That seems to be the question everyone is asking about the Senate’s requirement that Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser reply by 10 a.m. today.

She did so, sort of, through her attorney, by trying to set the rules under which she will testify.

Of course her attorney knows that some of her demands are going nowhere, such as having the accused party testify first, but still she can legitimately say she did reply by the date and time  specified.

We aren’t sure who gave Professor Ford the right to re-write the Constitution so that she can dictate terms and conditions to Congress.

Unfortunately, the way this has been handled by the accuser, i.e. the plaintiff,  and her legal staff up to now is beginning to shed doubt on her motives.

At first even people who were squarely in Kavanaugh’s corner were OK with the plaintiff having a chance to present her testimony. Now, as it begins to look more and more like simply stall tactics to hold up the vote, there is less sympathy for her.

Others note that she has now learned what so many before her have learned the hard way. When politics is involved, there is no such thing as anything being confidential.

Giving her information to Dianne Feinstein was tantamount to putting it on billboards.

As far as death threats go, the Kavanaugh family can probably match her threat for threat. That’s called social media.

Obviously this isn’t over yet.  Perhaps Senator McConnell will stick by his guns and call for a vote, or he may pander a bit more  to Ford in the name of “fairness.”

We’ll see.

In the shadows.

Somewhat lost in all the hoopla over the Kavanaugh nomination was another story that is perhaps more troubling.

Very little ink and air time has been given to Barack Obama’s former Secretary of State apparently trying to subvert the Trump administration overseas.

That refers to reports that  John Kerry has been reassuring Iran that Democrats are still working on installing their vision of a new world order, so the Trump administration should be considered as merely an intermission or a speed bump.

First we have to remember that Kerry is trying to sell his new book, but depending on the actual message he is delivering, it wouldn’t be hard for him to step across the line into actual subversion.

Given the globalist ideology of the Obama administration, that isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds.

Remember, if you see a fox outside the henhouse, and there is nothing but feathers left the next day, it isn’t too much of a leap to suspect the fox.


You can’t have it both ways.

We are all aware of not just the MeToo movement, but the feminist movement and their little pink hats.

“I am woman; hear me roar” just doesn’t mesh with Joy Behar ranting about old white men in Congress not protecting women. Maybe she should get a German Shepherd.

Ladies, you wanted equality, so don’t bitch when you get it.

Ergo, if Professor Ford has something substantive to accuse Judge Kavanaugh of, she would be wise to get herself over to Washington DC and speak up.

Presumably something bad happened to her, but expecting the Federal cops to go digging around her teenage territory trying to dig up or manufacture facts she can’t even provide for herself sure makes her story a bit wobbly.

And yes, we did say manufacture.

Given the pre-election conduct of the FBI upper echelons over the past three or more years, not to mention that there is still a culture of resistance extant in the FBI and DOJ, there is no guarantee any “investigation” would be done in a nonpartisan and professional manner.

Another anomaly is that the professor’s attorney is calling for a whole slate of “witnesses” to attend the hearing. According to Senate rules, each person is allowed ONE witness. It sounds more like what the counselor is asking for is a trial, not a hearing. Attorney Katz is no stranger to Washington, so she should know that.  If she doesn’t, Dianne Feinstein does.

Nothing about this whole confirmation debacle has elevated anyone’s opinion of Washington. To the contrary, the whole thing has only served to prove that the rest of us are far from getting any value out of our tax dollars that are spent on the Hill.

No surprises here.

Somehow you just knew in your gut that this was going to happen.

“This” being a quick game of stall ball by Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser and her legal beagle. The real question is, whether the lady is a willing participant in another political lynching, or whether she is being exploited for political purposes by Dianne Feinstein, Eric Swalwell and other never-Trumpers.

Both Mrs. Blasey-Ford and her attorney know that the FBI isn’t going to investigate a 35-year-old assault claim.  The proper way to initiate an investigation would be to begin with filing charges with the appropriate local authorities, assuming they would take the case based on essentially no evidence whatsoever.

Incidentally for those who don’t have occasion to do background checks, there would be nothing for the FBI to find, because in a normal background check you are only looking at actual documented actions taken against someone, like collection notices, credit reports, complaints, restraining orders, arrests, convictions or documented separations for cause from employment. They aren’t independent criminal  investigations like you see on television. Only if an anomaly appears would anyone dig deeper, and even then, there has to be just cause to move forward.

In a way, it’s almost a shame that the gravity of the Kavanaugh nomination precludes him doing what anyone else would do…file suit against her for defamation of character. That would force her into a courtroom where she would have to display whatever evidence she has.

Then there is the general climate that surrounds Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

It’s always tricky to doubt the veracity of anyone’s claim of assault, particularly sexual assault, in the MeToo era. In this case, it’s also bad politics.

Giving Mrs. Ford the full benefit of the doubt for what she says happened to her 35 or 36 years ago, one still has to give some credence to the fact that she can’t remember any other details, yet she is convinced that Judge Kavanaugh was her attacker.

There are a couple of psychological scenarios that would explain how she could be completely convinced that she is telling the truth and still be wrong.

We’ll  leave sorting that out to a qualified mental health provider.

Still, given the other political circumstances surrounding the Kavanaugh nomination, it’s hard not to see this as just another case of the “resistance” trying to undermine the Trump presidency.

At this point, nothing the unhinged opposition says or does surprises anyone, even up to and including Senator Hirono of Hawaii painting all men with the broad brush of misandry, all the while declaring that the plaintiff (Mrs. Ford) does not have to corroborate her charges. Perhaps Senator Hirono hasn’t read the Fifth Amendment lately, if at all.

When all is said and done, it would be wise to remember that the Kavanaugh family, including his children, will  have to deal with this for the rest of their lives, even if he is confirmed. Just look at how quickly the conversation got around to the  Clarence Thomas- Anita Hill story of 27 years ago.

Overshadowing all of this is the stench hanging over the Democrats, and the Senate as a whole, leaving the rest of us to ask:

How much more corruption is there for the Dems to try to hide?

Change? What change?

In case Trump voters have forgotten why they didn’t vote for Hillary, she and some of the other star players of the Obama administration have just returned to the political hustings to remind them.

You can now enjoy Joe “Handsy” Biden, Hillary herself, Eric Holder and even the top-of-the card former President reminding us that “some” Trump voters are, as Biden put it, the “dregs of society”.

Is that kinda like “deplorables?”

Oh yes and all of them want to make sure you know all those Trump people are racists and misogynists.

Remember the former President scornfully declaring that “you didn’t build that business?” You’ll be happy to know he still feels that way, as he notes that anything good that you may be experiencing now is a result of his administration.

But let’s leave the faces out of it.

The fundamental differences between the people who comprise the Democrat base and the people that comprise  President Trump’s base is that the former believe you exist to serve the government,  and the latter believe that the government exists to serve the people.

Put any face you want to on those two polar opposites, and their basic philosophies don’t change.

It was inevitable that the Democrats would roll out their more sophisticated party members  when saddled with a series of cringe-worthy and uninformed rants by the kindergarten level probies like Ocasio-Cortez.

America isn’t quite ready for full-fledged socialism just yet (still too many living Boomers), and the party knows it. It’s a lot more effective to fall back on the tried and true strategies of appealing to white guilt and making sure their voters are reminded how victimized they are, even as non-white incomes rise and their jobless rates drop.

By the time the younger liberal generation matures enough to keep their feet out of their mouths most of the time, say in another 10 years or so, things may well be different, but for now, we can all enjoy dealing with the familiar voices.

History repeats.

Another Monday, another titillating scandal, this time over the Kavanaugh nomination.

This has a very déjà vu feeling to it, assuming you are old enough to have watched and/or read about Justice Clarence Thomas’ 1991 hearing, when he was accused of making off-color and suggestive remarks to Anita Hill and others.

However, that nomination took place before we had the MeToo movement, which presumes every man is guilty until proven innocent.

There are certainly a large number of questions to be asked and answered.

For instance, if the lady first told her therapist about this in 2012, why wasn’t action taken then? Was it four boys or two? Whose house was it that they were in? What were the names of the other kids who were there? Is the house where this presumably happened still standing, and if so, who owned it at the time (easy to find out from tax records), and what do they say about whether they were out of town on the date in question? Was the judge known to be a heavy drinker in high school, and did he routinely attack girls at the time?

And that only addresses the questions surrounding Mrs. Ford’s accusation.

No matter how this turns out, Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation will never be the same.  Even today, if you ask around enough, there were people who believed Anita Hill’s testimony against Justice Thomas in 1991 and still do to this day.

It’s also interesting to note that Mitt Romney was accused of being a misogynist for having too few women working for him while he was a governor, but  now it is being suggested Judge Kavanaugh has had too many women working for him.

The  woman making the accusations certainly has a right to be heard, but it should be in a formal environment, and not tried in the media

To prevent that, the Senate Judiciary Committee should schedule a hearing involving both parties as early as this week, if possible.

Certainly the timing of all this, and the way it was rolled out is suspicious, given all the theatrics already employed to thwart his nomination.

More from the manure pit.

Well, you just kind of knew that this was going to happen in the course of the Kavanaugh confirmation   When all else fails, drag out the MeToo movement.

We are of course referring to Diane Feinstein’s  “bombshell” revelation on “something” the SCOTUS nominee did.  Rumor has it that some woman is accusing him of inappropriate conduct with her when he was in high school, some 30 to 35 years ago.

According to the article from CNN, the accuser doesn’t want to be identified, and “declined to press the matter further.”

Frankly, in light of the way things are today, that claim could probably be made about every boy who ever went to high school. It’s just most women’s misfortune that we didn’t keep track of every guy who ever said or did something to us that is now called inappropriate. That way we could Google them and see if they are now worth outing.

Maybe something bad did happen, but on the face of it, the charge is just a little too anonymous and convenient, especially since Feinstein didn’t show the letter to anyone else before turning it over to the FBI.

If this person exists, and seeing how badly some in the FBI want to hurt President Trump, she had better be prepared to welcome an FBI agent or two into her life. Make no mistake, if the swamp decides this is even remotely worth pursuing, they will find her.

Let’s not forget that Kavanaugh has been vetted for every position he ever held, and yet this salacious charge never surfaced until now.

The sad part is, even if this is all fiction, the charge will follow the nominee around for the rest of his life.


BTW – No TGIF tomorrow.