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Government eyeing confiscation of over 250 million deadly devices

February 16, 2013

Since 2000, these devices have been responsible for over 430,000 fatalities.  Despite a concerted effort to render these devices incapable of causing harm, strict licensing laws, tens of thousands of educational campaigns,  and appeals from passionate owners, the government has decided that they must removed from circulation immediately. One official is quoted as saying “There is no way to make these devices harmless.  Convicted felons have them, and many more are being used by people who have not and can not pass a background check.  They can be and are used by untrained and incompetent people.   They have to go.”

If your mind immediately went to guns, you are wrong.  The device that has killed and maimed so many people is the car.

Could we get a little perspective on how far the government can go to “keep us safe”?  If we don’t, this satirical post might become reality.

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