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Unplanned Leak or political blueprint?

February 18, 2013

There is usually only one kind of  publicized “unplanned leak” in  Washington, and those are the ones that wind up on a website as a result of some illegal act, or are given or sold to a “journalist”.

Putting aside one of those scenarios, why did this White House immigration policy “leak” happen?

One explanation is to accomplish a desired result by using one of my mother’s old strategies.  This is what I call the “dog poo” option.  When I didn’t want to do something, my mother would give me a choice between doing what she wanted me to do, i.e. clean the fridge, or something else so distasteful that I would pick the one she wanted me to do.  As in “You can clean the spoiled food out of the fridge and wash it clean, or go outside and pick up all the dog poo from the parking strip by hand”.  I did actually choose the dog poo once, because I thought she didn’t really mean it.  Bad choice, because she proved she would actually make me do it.

By floating what seems to be a ridiculous policy, did the White House mean to push Congress into picking the slightly more mainstream “liberal” solution? I’d like to think that this White House is that smart.  Maybe they did set up the conservative press to assist them in that strategy by “accidentally leaking” i.e. planting the story for that purpose.

The other option is that the leak actually represents where the administration wants to end up at the end of all the political jockeying for position.  And that’s just plain scary.  Not surprising, just scary.

I can see a whole new cadre of federal employees tasked with deciding what three “misdemeanors” are acceptable when considering this new “path to permanent legal residency”.  Are we talking about people peeing on the sidewalk, or allowing a habitual offender that has had felony burglary charges plea bargained down to a misdemeanor two or three times, because the courts are so overloaded with cases they couldn’t be bothered with a relatively “petty” criminal?

Have we really become so inured to giving people (regardless of ethnicity) committing  criminal activity a pass for their actions that the White House really thinks the American  people will buy into this “three strikes and you’re in” idea?

I think the every ethnic group should be insulted by this idea.  In a subtle way, the White House is saying “a lot of illegal immigrants are criminals anyway, so let’s just give them a pass, because once they are in, they are ours. Later, we’ll add some language so they can vote for us”.  I would love to see every legitimate “immigrant right’s” group stand up and denounce this idea for what it is.

Is this a sleazy political tactic, or a window into the future soul of America?   The liberal far left has already proven that it can and will push through agendas that would have been unthinkable twenty years ago. Nationally, we can pick the “dog poo” option, or throw away the spoiled food and clean the fridge. We already know that assuming that “it could never happen here” is a futile strategy.  If we find cleaning house distasteful, we can be absolutely certain someone will let us live with the poo.

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