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Why punish the people?

March 8, 2013

Wow, all of a sudden we can’t afford White House tours. Surely, there are other things that we could cut that would make a little more sense.

Perhaps the President could stay in his office for 10 hours more instead of hopping on Air Force One at a cost of $179,750 per hour to try to make Republicans look bad. Ten trips, $1,797,500.00. That would probably pay for more than one White House tour. On the other hand, if antiques aren’t your thing, why bother even going there?

From a purely practical viewpoint, other than as a collection of really cool historical objects and some well done decorating, the White House is just another taxpayer funded building. It could be just another office building or cafeteria. It derives its prestige from what it is supposed to symbolize. 

This building is supposed to symbolize the seat of a government that is centered on the people of the United States. That document that starts out “We the people…” certainly seems to have been written to indicate that the government of the United States is supposed to be subject to the will of the people.    

The White House is supposed to be the people’s house. By shutting off public access, it seems that President is saying that if he can’t get the people to endorse every idea he has, he’s just going to punish them by making the White House inaccessible. Because his expensive whirlwind campaign tour to stop sequester didn’t work, and the public is suddenly less on his side, he is going to pick up his football and kick every one out of the playground.

Petulant tantrums aren’t becoming to anyone. This is not just bad PR, it is unacceptable behavior for a employee of the people. 

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