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Washington’s Gotcha Games

March 11, 2013

Washington DC seems to be the longest running (bad) game show on TV.  Apparently our elected officials seem to think they are there to score points on each other, instead of running the country. 

The President made an offer, and followed through with it, to sit down with members of Congress and talk about the issues. It is worth noting that he didn’t include the very visible leaders of the two parties. 

Whether he did or didn’t have any proposals of substance really isn’t the point.  The optics are that he is trying to find a way to compromise on some issues. Apparently he put forth some rhetoric that caused some of the attendees to comment that they were not aware of his willingness to compromise on some issues. Well, no one ever accused the President of being an ineffective evangelist for his viewpoint, so that isn’t surprising. It probably scored him some points with the media and his poll numbers. 

So, on the heels of that meeting, Paul Ryan comes out with a very public statement that he intends to repeal Obamacare, er, the Affordable Care Act. 

Why in the world, if you truly want to move the country forward, would you attack something that is any president’s signature piece of legislation? And particularly, why would you do it when you know that you can’t get it through both the House and the Senate until at least 2015?  If that is the Republican strategy to win both houses of Congress, it will be very effective in keeping the Democratic base energized for the next two years.  

No, this seems to be more about getting a gotcha point to counteract the President’s latest one.The problem with this is that the lives of Americans aren’t a game to them.   

Maybe it’s time to cancel this show and premiere one that works more for the country than it does for the actors.  




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