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Are You a Victim of Government Identity Theft?

April 4, 2013

The government hasn’t hacked your credit card accounts or transferred 60% of your bank account to the Treasury (yet).

But in the never-ending struggle for political power your individual identity is buried in the hundreds and even thousands of polls and statistical analyses that reduce you to data.

You are not Joe Martinez, tax accountant. You are a Hispanic or Latino male aged 30 to 39. You are not Mary Smith, hairdresser. You are a white or Caucasian female aged 20-29. You are not Paul, or Susan or anyone else. You are a racial group, a gender group, an income-defined group, or some other group broadly defined as a demographic. Your individual identity seems to be smothered. No wonder many people feel powerless to effect change.

But you are only a victim of this dynamic if you want to be a victim. It used to be hard to make an individual voice heard, but that’s not true today. If you are settling for being lumped into a statistical tier, it’s because you are too lazy to speak up. Every government agency including the White House has an email address.

If you have an opinion that you don’t mind sharing with even one person at the bar or the coffee shop, it will take you ten minutes to email the pertinent government official and make your voice heard. Yes, you will become a group demographic, but that demographic will defined by actual opinion, not a random 9% sampling by some polling agency. You will be initiating the contact, not hanging up on a robo call. If you don’t have an email address, all of these politicians have contact phone numbers.

If you want to have a real impact, speak up!  I’m going to take my own advice and register my thoughts on the proposed 187-billion dollar Federal loan guarantee for risky home mortgages the government is planning to try to commit my money to fund (again). What are you going to do?

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