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The Washington clown show isn’t funny anymore

April 25, 2013

Politicians are deservedly the butt of many jokes and often provide entertainment when the news cycle is slow. If there were ever any honest politicians, they went the way of the dinosaurs. They do not govern for the greater good. They alternately pander to or ignore what they see as the stupid American public. They are totally driven by their own agenda and their own need for job security (and money). I get that, everybody gets that. Since people keep electing the same clowns, the clown show script never changes, so we probably are as stupid as they think we are. 

Ineptitude, greed, narcissism, goofball political agendas and all of that makes politics a good series to follow. I’ve been tuning in for years. Most of the country just tunes it out, because in the end it really is not a very interesting plot because you always know how it ends. The clown faces change, but the show always ends the same way. 

There have been multiple instances where government ineptitude has caused problems. The housing crisis and most recessions are the byproducts of tiny little government minds trying to wrap their micro-cephalic heads around big issues.

This time it’s killing us. On the streets of Boston, it killed some of us literally, gruesomely and with finality. Call it political correctness, departmental jealousy, avarice or just plain incompetence, some of us are dying on the main streets of our cities because some clown couldn’t improvise to meet or even accept the challenges of today’s realities. It’s easier to protect your tiny little world by keeping all your information to yourself. More of us will die until the tide of ineptitude and incompetence hits a seawall of disgust.

We are effectively close to national bankruptcy. We naturalize people with ties to radicals and we knew they were dangerous. We beggar ourselves in the name of making people like us. We countenance not just things that are historically illegal, like drugs, but we actually defend the right to behave illegally by making excuses for every illegal act in terms of it being the victim’s fault instead of the perpetrators.

It is long past time for we the people to demand a refund. We’ve paid scalper’s prices to see this show for decades, and the show isn’t just bad, it is deadly. It’s long, long past time to bring the curtain down on it. 

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