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What price?

May 8, 2013

I watched some of the Benghazi hearing testimony today. Not all of it, but I caught most of former deputy chief of mission in Libya Greg Hicks statements, and some of the follow-up questioning by the legislators.

I was struck by the condescending and self-serving questioning by some of the Democratic lawmakers. Mr. Hicks’ testimony was “emotional”?  In other words he was just a crybaby that had a political axe to grind? His testimony was not germane to the conduct and effectiveness of the investigation that should have been ongoing? Really? According to White House press secretary Jay Carney, Benghazi was”..a long time ago”. Somehow I don’t think Mr. Hicks would agree.

Just how far will we as a nation permit political toadies to go to cover their backsides before we stand up and demand better? When does political gamesmanship and ambition, inherent ineptitude and gross incompetence begin to approach actionable offenses?

It took two murderers, three dead people and more than 270 injured people to wake up the inappropriately named Department of Homeland Security and  other agencies tasked with keeping us safe to decide to find out what all the people on student visas that weren’t even in school are still doing here. My guess is that in three months that push will be as dead as the Boston Marathon bombing victims. Unless of course it can be used to raise taxes or make political hay again.

What price is too high to pay for political ambition or ideology?  To some, apparently there is no upper end.

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