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If the shoe fits…

June 18, 2013

I am looking for a dog to buy.  I want a dog that is barkless, approximately 16-18 inches tall, hypoallergenic, affectionate, intelligent, playful, energetic, curious and alert, with white markings, a tail that curls tightly over the back, and that grooms itself like a cat.  I will look at all dog breeds to find this animal. 

The only dog that fits all of these characteristics is the Basenji.  Is this breed profiling, or is it characteristic profiling?

The description for the dog was taken right out of a major breed listing profile.  The site lists just about every major dog breed, and has a number of filters which I used to refine the search.  The first criteria, that of being barkless, was the defining characteristic that brought up the Basenji as a choice, even before I could enter the others.   

Every time there is any, and I mean any, attempt to introduce immigration reform that includes enforcement provisions, the time-worn argument comes up that enforcement creates racial profiling. The far left cries foul and insists that any enforcement requires racial profiling and so there should be no enforcement.   

Do illegal immigrants (apologies to the AP) always come from one ethnic or racial group?  No. So what do they have in common?  No documentation or legal status to be in the United States.

Profiling according to behavioral characteristics  is not racial profiling.  The single, provable (and most objective) criteria to determine legal immigration status is the possession of the required documents.  If certain demographic groups have a larger preponderance of people that do not possess those documents, there will be more people that fit certain ethnic or racial profiles than others. Is that a comment on profiling by race,  or a reflection of commonality of behavior?

There have to be certain common filters that trigger a review of legal status.  Requiring anyone to produce legal documents common to all legal residents is not racial profiling.  To drive a car legally, I have to produce a driver’s license, and I have to buy a license for the car.  If I get pulled over, the officer will check to see that I have those documents in good order.  I do not consider that an invasion of privacy or racial profiling.  I consider that proof that the officer is performing the duties of a patrol officer. If I expose myself to that fact-checking by violating a traffic law, that’s my problem, not the officer’s problem.

I simply do not understand why any person that we would want as a legal U.S. resident or legally admitted guest should object to complying with the rules, and I understand even less why any group or elected official would object to that or call it racial profiling. If it doesn’t bark, it’s probably a Basenji.  If you don’t have legal immigration status, you are probably an illegal immigrant.  If the shoe fits…

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