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Why waste time trying to abolish the IRS?

July 10, 2013

Today I got an email asking me to sign some petition to abolish the IRS. Several conservative politicians have lent their names to the petition. Now, I’m certainly no fan of the IRS, but this is just a stupid waste of resources. Here’s why petition drives and protest movements like this tick me off.

First, as long as the government collects taxes, some department is going to have to have oversight of that function.

Second, even if you got a flat rate income tax in place, the government is simply going to generate funds by increasing the taxes, fees and fines for everything else. That’s how departments in the government get their funding. They get laws passed that impose charges to do business with the Feds, and install and collect penalties to compel compliance with their ridiculous laws. Or, they force social change by taxing those behaviors they want to control to the point that no one does them anymore.

Third, what person in their right mind would go on record with their support for this petition?  Only those that either have nothing of value, are not on any government program that the government can target, or who have so much money they can afford to fight the Feds. That leaves out most of the people in the United States.

Fourth, it is a waste of time and money for the conservative PAC funding the ads for this campaign. Why not use all that energy and money to mount  successful campaigns in the elections? Despite all the petitions and support for a balanced budget amendment that MIGHT have some chance of reining in the explosion of government control over everything we do, say, eat, drink, or think, we still don’t have a balanced budget amendment, even though  we have had Republican control of both houses of Congress. There is simply no will among politicians to stop the money train, because then ALL the politicians and government employees would stand to lose something.

The only possible good outcome of this petition would be to collect the names of people who might be persuaded to vote for conservative candidates in the upcoming 2014 and 2016 elections, who could be targeted for donations for those elections.

The root of the problem is not the IRS. It is simply a tool of the confiscatory nature of government. Take it away and the government will simply create a new tool.

If abolishing the IRS would restore integrity in Washington DC, roll the laws and regulations back to fiscally and morally responsible levels, and give the United States back to its people I would back it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately it won’t, so count me out. I’ll save my support for something that will accomplish those goals. 

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