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Wrong response, Reince

August 6, 2013

OK, so we have a liberal wing of the media, and we have a liberal political party, and the first supports the second. That’s hardly a new development. But trying to control that segment of the media by trying to freeze them out of the process is not just futile, it’s politically stupid.

First, we do have something here called freedom of the press and freedom of choice. Second, Mr. Priebus’s  ultimatum, or whatever you want to call his declaration threatening to freeze two “news” organizations out of the debate scene simply smacks of desperation. Why not just put out a press release that says “We don’t have a strong frontrunner predetermined, we don’t have a message that resonates well with our more moderate base, and we don’t have a clue how to win over undecided voters”?

No one forced the Republicans to enter two dozen debates last year. No one forced the Republicans to spend vast amounts of time and money trying to defeat Mitt Romney. They pretty much did the job of the DNC for them. If you want to freeze some segment of the press out of the process, just don’t give them press credentials to events, and refuse to enter debates that are obviously liberally slanted, but do it in response to a specific event.

As an independent, I will vote for the person that best espouses my political viewpoints. The RNC has a few people that may be able to develop some universal backing. But first, the party has to decide who it’s going to enter into the race. To borrow a horse-racing analogy, it’s already time to put your name into the claim box. It’s time to stop looking for a gimmick, settle on a message that is not just about the political race and find or develop a candidate that can sell it.

The average right leaning voter, and I daresay the more moderate left-leaning ones as well, are tired of the in-fighting. Most people just want some stability in their lives. Even some of my friends that are staunchly Democrat are tired of the “pivoting”, tired of the never-ending campaign mode of this administration, and tired of the obvious pandering to this or that voting bloc. Many Democrats I know feel this President, and by inference the party, would “pivot” on any position, if it served an immediate political purpose.

Both the Democrats and Mrs. Clinton have some built-in liabilities. The more obvious ones are the seemingly never-ending scandals, the constant tactic of governing by executive decree and the fact that she will be pushing 70 if she is elected. Only Ronald Reagan was older by eight months when elected, and no matter how much you loved the guy, he was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s while still in office. Benghazi was hardly the shining moment for the party or the former secretary of state.

There is plenty of live ammunition for Republicans to use. Don’t start firing blanks now. 

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