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Apple’s new fingerprint technology

September 10, 2013

OK, I admit it. I am no longer a fan of much of the electronic gadgetry whose use as a required part of life seems to have been implanted in the public brain. I use some of those things if I have to, but frankly, I have a computer and I have a phone and if the two had never met, that would have been fine with me.

I wouldn’t call myself a technophobe.  I love the convenience and productivity of my (gasp) desktop computer. I bought my first business computer when the processor was housed in a case the size of a furniture crate and the data was stored on huge platters. Computer technology has made much of our lives easier and more productive. But it does have a dark side.

I briefly owned a smartphone, but I couldn’t type fast enough on it to be productive, and it dropped calls at an astonishing rate due to short battery life. In other words, it didn’t do any of the jobs that I need to do at a level of performance that was acceptable to me, and it was damned expensive. For $150.00 a month I wasn’t getting what I considered to be value for the money so I ditched the thing.

The trouble with all of this handheld electronic gadgetry is that it tries to do many jobs and winds up doing none of them at optimum performance levels. Kind of like our population, if it can slide by at a level of mediocrity long enough, that level becomes the new normal.

Then the revelation that the government was monitoring a substantial portion of all the traffic on the internet and cell towers went public. OK, the fact that the government would do that didn’t exactly startle me. The idea that any government exists to serve the people became passé a long time ago. I mean come on, these government officials want to and do monitor and dictate everything from what you eat to whether you can sell your puppies on the internet.

For many years the idea of a national or even international fingerprint database has been a goal of many government agencies, but the public has resisted it. I think they just got it, courtesy of Apple.

This so-called security feature really doesn’t make me feel very secure. In the past three years, I have had to replace my credit card twice because some merchant or the other got hacked and all the card information was now out there in the ether. Imagine how easy it will be for those hackers now. They can already find everything they need to fabricate a phony credit application and now they will have fingerprints as well. What’s next, a DNA registry? Just think, a cheek swab to open a bank account.

 W-h-e-e-e-e-!  I can hardly wait. 

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