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Do you ever wonder…

October 15, 2013

What happens if you let Google or Facebook use your image/name as an endorsement, and the product they attach it to gets sued? As a writer, I visit hundreds of sites that I have no interest in beyond whatever I’m researching at the moment. Some months ago, I did a piece on food safety and visited the website of that place that is in the news (again) for their meat product. I sure wouldn’t want my name or photo endorsing that one! Oh well, at least up to now, Google lets you opt out (c’mon FB, how about a little teeny bit of personal control too!).

Do you ever wonder why the government wants you to give out all your information on BEFORE you check out their product? Want to bet none of that is captured, even if you don’t want to buy anything right then?

Or, why Republicans that stand up for their principles are called jihadists, while Democrats doing the same expect to be treated like omnipotent saints?

Do you ever wonder why we put up with any of these things?

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