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AINOs need not apply.

November 2, 2013

Labeling your opponent is a popular political strategy. As we move closer to the 2014 elections, you can be sure that every faction of both parties will have its pet acronym and shocking visual image for their challengers. Democrats will vie for the title of “most compassionate” while Republicans will highlight “those wasteful Democrats.”  Far right Republicans will label their more moderate party cohorts as RINOS, while the far left will accuse every moderate Democrat of being DINO’s. Paul Ryan will still be portrayed as pushing Granny over the cliff, while interminable loops will play of the stupid videos produced and sophomoric parties thrown by government workers being paid with our tax dollars. That’s not just TV, it’s politics. Some of the political cartoons of the 1800’s were just as pointed and nasty as any professionally produced political video of the 21st century. The only thing that entertains me about that is how many people fall for it.  

There’s one label that matters to me. Don’t ask for my vote if you are an AINO. That’s American In Name Only if you want the full title.

AINO’s are perfectly willing to bring down the whole concept of America to serve their own selfish ends. What Russia couldn’t do with nukes, the AINO’s are doing with forays into policies that have already failed elsewhere and by trying to baffle us with bullshit. It doesn’t really matter if they are part of a giant worldwide cabal, or just narcissistic, lazy, greedy pseudo-ideologues looking to make a free buck at someone else’s expense.

As far as I can see in all the history I’ve read, only America was founded on the idea that we should be a free, just and responsible publicly self-governing nation, controlled by a consensus of opinions that gave everyone a shot at earning and keeping a piece of that thing that we call the American Dream.

I don’t remember reading in any of our founding documents something that said George Washington issued a royal decree opining that only he had the right way of governing, anymore than I remember reading that Benedict Arnold was just a different kind of patriot.

You want my vote?  Don’t tell me what you are going to do for some amorphous mass called “the poor”. Get America as a whole back to  economic stability, and stop creating more poor people that you can con into voting for you. Stop labeling everyone that legitimately needs help as a freeloader, and create sustainable conditions where most people don’t need another government program. For those that truly need help, give it freely and without rancor and learn the difference between the two. 

You want my vote? Don’t tell me how wonderful people have it under some model that you personally want to live under. If total government control of every aspect of life or if forming your own monarchy is your thing, there are lots of countries that practice those models. Go there.

You want my vote? When you run for office, you are basically interviewing for a job. Stop being a political parasite and start being an American. AINO’s can save their airtime and postage sales budget. I’m not entertained, and I’m not hiring you, because you don’t fit the job description.  

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