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Big R, little r, or no R at all?

November 8, 2013

Chris Christie wins a governorship,  makes it onto the cover of Time magazine, and immediately every far right “conservative” begins issuing apoplectic denials of his fitness to run for President. Not his fitness for the job, but an outright campaign to stop him from even being considered. To paraphrase former Secretary of State Clinton, at this point, what does it really matter?

I don’t have a clue whether I would vote for Governor Christie should he decide to run, but if he does, my vote will be based on his scale readings. No, not his bathroom scale, his effectiveness scale.

The trouble with ideologues is that they are more than willing to destroy everything and everyone that doesn’t fit their narrow view of the world. One show host on Fox proudly declared that he just couldn’t vote for a “little r” candidate, just to see “any old r” in the Virginia governor’s mansion. OK bud, now you have a big “D” in the governor’s mansion. What good did that protest vote do? It makes me wonder whose side you are really on. It certainly doesn’t seem to be America’s side.

Looking back in history, the U.S. presidents that have successfully moved the nation’s needle forward have all been able to work both sides of the aisle. They were willing to accept incremental victories, rather than staking everything on one grand gesture.

I would ten times rather have someone in the White House that can stem the tide of the far left’s influence in a hundred little steps, than a rigid ideologue that divides his party and gets nothing done. The Alamo was a grand gesture, but it killed off some fine men that could have been valuable contributors when Texas became a state.

I don’t know if Governor Christie is the right guy, but I’m at least going to keep an open mind. It would be nice if the far right did the same. 

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