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Wouldn’t it be nice if politicians:

November 25, 2013
  • Cared as much about America and its citizens as they do their own images?
  • Minded  their own business and improved their own lives, instead of trying to create the perfect human robot?
  • Lived under and by their own laws, every time and everywhere?
  • Answered to the voters and not to a party machine?
  • Were paid according to the average wage in their state?
  • Understood that success is not a four-letter word?
  • Got their inspiration from reality instead of Hollywood?
  • Had a real job, instead of being professional political lifers?
  • Didn’t define freedom and progress by how many new laws and regulations they created each day?
  • Knew the difference between being a world leader and a world patsy?
  • Understood that healthcare is not the same as health insurance?
  • Didn’t create create monopolies that would be illegal if they were done in the private sector?

Members of Congress are going home for the holidays. Maybe their constituents will ask them to fulfill some of the things on this wish list.


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