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Obamacare – more layers, more lies?

November 27, 2013

While everyone is focused on the website, the ACA is quickly revving up the engines to  make healthcare unavailable for millions of seniors unless they can accept cuts in the provider pool. This latest layer of the ACA is just now beginning to filter out through more unwelcome letters from insurers.

There was a bit of a news cycle focus in the last month or so on the cancellation of individual insurance plans. In the last week or two, some news outlets have begun to note that millions more people will lose their current employer-provided plans.

Just beginning to filter into the news is the impact of Obamacare on Medicare Advantage plans. A piece by Terry Ponick in the Washington Times notes that Ohio, New Jersey and Connecticut papers have reported that United Healthcare, the officially AARP-sanctioned health insurance carrier, will begin dropping healthcare providers from some of its Medicare Advantage plans in 2014. It is a given that to try to stay profitable, other carriers like Humana, the Blues and others  will quickly follow suit.

For seniors living on a fixed income, that isn’t an inconvenience, it is a disaster. Many seniors, especially those in rural areas, no longer drive and depend on friends and family or public transportation to ferry them to and from doctor visits. If they suddenly find that the only government approved providers are now many more miles or even cities away, they will be effectively unable to obtain healthcare. Unless the government picks up the tab to get them to the doctor, they simply can’t get there.

It may be cynical, but one almost wonders if the website debacle was intentional. For Americans long used to the insurance-driven payment system, signing up in a last-minute panic to obtain any kind of insurance prevents them from delving too deeply into the plan language. It’s sort of the sign-up equivalent of “we have to pass it so you can see what’s in it”. Too many people will just find the cheapest plan, regurgitate their most private information into the security-deficient software, and never know ahead of time what the restrictions entail.

OK, so now the ACA has effectively boxed in the entire middle class, the seniors, and is conditioning the 18-26 age group to having government-sanctioned insurance. Privately-owned insurance carriers and most healthcare providers  will not be able to live under the income allowed under the ACA for long. What’s left besides a wholly government-controlled healthcare system? Nothing.

Pundits proclaim that the government has taken over one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Hypothetically, it has the potential to do far more than that. Unless the whole ACA thing gets stopped in its tracks it has the potential to leak over into every area of American life. Given the way it has unfolded so far, where else could it go?  Pretty much anywhere it wants to.

Unless the far left wants to be seen as the ones who pushed Granny over the cliff, they will have to find a way to get her to the doctor. If the government has to provide vouchers for transportation to get people to the doctor, it makes sense that they will take over segments of public transportation, which of course will have to be “green” for the vendors to be accepted into the reimbursement program. Green vehicles can’t run on fossil fuels, so that affects the oil industry. Keystone? Forget about it.

Suburban or rural community residents will take more time and money to get to the doctor, so vouchers may only be allowed if the person lives in or very near a major metropolitan area. That affects the rural housing market and land values, and encourages urban migration.

Urban migration means more “affordable” housing will be required in cities, perhaps designed like the public housing projects in Chicago and New York. It also means that many small towns will no longer have sufficient population or high enough land values to provide a tax base.

When conservatives and just plain folks with a brain questioned the structure and even the motives of the ACA, they were branded as lunatics. Any attempt to examine it rationally was branded as everything from the ravings of rich capitalist pigs to racist. Insurance plans that provided coverage for absolutely everything were branded as Cadillac plans for the elite and Obamacare was the medical manna for the masses. The AARP was its strongest proponent in convincing seniors it claims to represent to support it. It really is true…we grow too soon old, and too late smart.

The ACA is like a garbage dump. If it never gets disturbed, maybe you can learn to live with the smell. Stir it up a little, peel back the layers and you discover that it really, really stinks. 

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