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The 2014 cattle call.

January 3, 2014

“cattle call

noun Slang.

a theatrical audition that is open to everyone, especially to those who do not belong to a theatrical union.”

2014 should be an interesting year politically.  Among the myriad coal mine canary issues, several might be worth watching, judging by the odd political happenings of 2013. Some developments that might indicate issues worth following are:

  • New York City voting to revisit history and install a 21st century Tammany Hall mayor. At least he shares a common first name with Boss Bill Tweed. Apparently no one noticed that every time  politicians say they are going to help the poor, the only people that are better off are the politicians. 
  • Colorado voting in legal marijuana use.  Let’s see, isn’t Colorado one of the states in the forefront of the clean air war on tobacco?  Clear heads and clear air are apparently not necessarily the same thing. 
  • The Democrats solidly supporting a female candidate that will be 69 years old if she takes the oath of office in January 2017. Maybe they are counting on younger voters with a soft spot for Granny? 
  • California, following the lead of the current president regarding the sanctity of law, deciding that a federal law that limits law breakers from receiving law licenses isn’t worth obeying. Doesn’t it make perfect sense that someone who breaks the law should then practice law? 
  • The Democrats trotting out tired old 1960’s political themes about helping the poor, while rolling out the most expensive and restrictive healthcare “fix” ever designed.  No wonder they want to raise the minimum wage, since most of the poor can’t afford to buy or use the ACA plans.


The rhetoric of the next two election cycles is already well-scripted.  It will be interesting to see if the voting public plays its assigned role as it is currently written. 

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