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Only in Washington…

February 5, 2014

Only in Washington would people think that the answer to cyber crime is to fine the victims. This from a government that can’t even keep its own websites from being hacked or protect sensitive national security information?  One whose own security process is so lax that it may have paid out millions of taxpayer dollars to potentially have malware embedded in the ACA website that collects the most sensitive data about its citizens?  That makes about as much sense as fining the military personnel who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor for failing to prevent the ships from sinking.

Only in Washington would people alienate major retailers, who were apparently already using the commonly sold and supposedly effective technology to protect their systems and are willing and able to spend millions to upgrade their security to whatever methods might be available, instead of partnering with them to provide that security, and recognizing hacking on this scale as a form of warfare. This isn’t exactly on the same scale with shoplifting.

Only in Washington would a government  release a CBO report that specifically details the loss of millions of FTE jobs from a government program, and then spin the information to say that those losses are going to be caused by people that don’t need the jobs because now they have free Obamacare. Really, people only work to get healthcare insurance?  What about something like food? Oh, I forgot…they also don’t need the jobs to buy food, because the government will give them the food. Ah, the liberation of the American worker!  Whee!

Only in Washington could a group of supposedly well-educated people assume that you can reduce the number of working Americans, raise taxes on the constantly declining taxpayer base currently paying for all this government  largesse, and continue to survive as a nation.

Only in Washington would they declare war on fossil fuels  when there is no currently viable mass replacement  for it. Perhaps we can spend some Washington play money to put politicians on solar-powered planes, or send them a few thousand miles home in an electric car, where they can light their homes with candles.

Maybe the first qualification to run for political office should be a full body scan to ascertain if the candidate has a  brain. And oh yes…a conscience. 

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