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Election 2014. Same-old, Same-old?

April 1, 2014

So it begins.  If the ads I’ve seen locally up to now are any example of campaign strategy, it’s gonna be  b-o-r-i-n-g.

In my area two local GOP primary  candidates have already started with the incessant TV attack ads, funded of course by some PAC or the other. To date, there isn’t a challenger from the other side on the air waves.

One candidate bashes the incumbent stating that the adversary is undeserving of consideration because of a fairly long tenure in Washington. The incumbent attacks the challenger based on that person’s choice of profession.  Ho-hum. Change the names and this is every political race almost since time began. It’s what I call the “who’s the bigger dirtbag” strategy.

Neither one of these two has had a single word to date on any new ideas they might have, nor have they explained how promoting them to the primary, much less a seat in Congress, might help out the state residents, much less the country.

Of course, trying to judge a party’s national strategy on the basis of one very local campaign is hardly a bellwether for all the campaigns.  What is interesting is that by all the analysis by every political pundit out there, this was supposed to be the year that campaigns would focus on issues of national importance.

This particular race is an intra-party contest, but it is very reminiscent of what went on during the  2012 GOP side of the presidential race.  The opponents spent so much time trying to prove that none of the others were fit to shovel real manure, much less be president, that all they proved was that none of them was better than the incumbent.

I wonder if the GOP is betting a little too much on people just voting for someone different?  If the choices are between worst and not as bad, will those elusive swing voters just vote to stay at home?

This is a pretty important election cycle.  To many this is about whether America  just continues down the path of becoming a mediocre, washed-up  welfare state or stands up on its hind legs and reaches for the American dream again.

People want something to be for, not just something or someone to be against.  Hopefully some of the candidates can figure that out.  

What’s going on in your corner of America? See anything out there to vote for instead of against?

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