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Don’t fence him in?

July 1, 2014

The Supreme Court got the theory of executive privilege wrong, according to the President, so he will just go ahead and fix immigration without them or Congress. What is it about executive overreach is that President Obama doesn’t get? Uh, almost everything.

He seems to have no desire or ability to understand that his view of immigration reform isn’t getting through Congress because a lot of it is injurious not just to America as a nation, but to the people already living here legally and yes, even to those seeking to enter illegally.

When the President says he has to act unilaterally because Congress won’t act, what he really means is that Congress won’t accept every idea and solution he proposes without dissent.

A direct result of not enforcing our historical pre-Obama immigration policy is that little children are coming across the border like an invading army of ants, over 300 a day at the Rio Grande crossing in Texas alone.

It’s hard not to feel for them, or to want to help them escape whatever conditions would cause a parent to literally abandon them to smugglers and  the dubious safety of detention centers in the U.S. It’s also a lot harder to deport them, since many of them either can’t or won’t say where they are from.

Aside from the obvious connection to lax immigration enforcement and the perhaps understandable belief that if they can just get across the border the Dream Act will protect them, why are all these children flooding our borders?

Because they ARE children. If countries were to send 300 military personnel across our borders daily in these concentrated waves, we might call it an invasion. Might, because at least publicly, we seem to be ignoring an incident of armed invasion by a Mexican military helicopter that actually fired its weapons from our airspace into our country. Hardly an act of war, but it should still have caused a bit of a diplomatic furor.

These poor little kids are as much political pawns as they are refugees. Putting aside the normal human emotions of pity and compassion isn’t nearly as easy when you look at all those kids on cold concrete floors. This is one of the real world consequences of not having control of our borders.

The President now wants half a trillion dollars to get them back home. If that money had been spent years ago to keep them out in the first place, all this wouldn’t be happening today.

When the President says Congress won’t work with him, he means Republicans. He certainly has no problem putting most of his Democratic congressional  lackeys at heel.

There have been several Republican overtures to solving immigration issues, including some that provided a path to citizenship. Unfortunately they all demanded some form of closing and controlling the border. The fact that the President dismissed them out of hand is why these kids are here today.

That’s bad for them and bad for us. Aside from the amount of money and man-hours being spent just to provide them with food and shelter instead of policing the border crossings, there are both long and short-term issues, such as health.

National vaccination programs don’t happen in third world Central American towns. Even if all of the kids were vaccinated as soon as they were rounded up, some might be incubating diseases we don’t even deal with in this country. Yet thousands of them have been given bus tickets and send on their merry way. Not a good scenario.

Longer term, these kids have to go to school. Local school districts budget five years out or more for capacity based on normal growth patterns. What happens when 50 or 100 new students hit local schools?  Well, what’s likely to happen is that they petition the government, i.e. us, for money to expand facilities and buy supplies to serve them. And the social service costs just expand exponentially from that point forward.

And what about the ones that are old enough and unlucky enough to be recruited into gangs or into the human trafficking stream?  How does that make them better off than they were in their home country?

These children are one of the real world consequences of this President’s my-way-or-the-highway politics. It’s hard to see how anyone could want this for America, yet he does. Do we?

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