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Should we follow the money?

July 8, 2014

290,000 people crossing our borders in the past several months wouldn’t seem to be something no one noticed. Once again seemingly shocked and surprised at this turn of events despite knowing about it for a year and even setting aside money for the problem, the administration approach to fixing it is to throw more money at it.

Sadly, we don’t even know the full extent of the problem and it appears that is no accident.

Subterranean whistleblower reports, in much the same way as happened when the VA scandal broke, are uniformly stating that conditions relative to the health and safety of the detainees in these staging areas are problematic at best.

As reported by several news outlets, when Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine tried on July 1 to check in on some 1200 UAC (Unaccompanied Children) being held at Fort Sill, he was told he had to get an appointment, and was subsequently told by HHS he could come on July 21 to take part in a staged and carefully orchestrated photo op.

The reasoning behind denying him entrance to a facility apparently run, not by the Army, but by the civilian, taxpayer-funded HHS are unfathomable, even if you stretch credulity to assume nothing untoward is happening there. Even the Congressman pondered  why, if everything’s OK, they wouldn’t let him in.

It might be based on who stands to lose the most.

The economics of undertaking this importation or migration or whatever it is are staggering. Assuming that all of these 290,000 people paid a minimum of $2,000USD to get smuggled across Mexico so they could walk over the U.S. border, that’s a potential take for someone of $580,000,000 dollars.

Where did each of these supposedly desperately poor families get that two grand? Admittedly, most of these people are probably going to be expected to pay the smugglers back in services, but that’s a lot of dough to take out in trade. Somebody is providing the front money to make it happen on this scale.

The President is asking for two billion more taxpayer dollars to handle this problem. Presumably, that’s on top of the money already allocated to the Federal contract requisitioning escorts, babysitters, whatever, to accompany the 65,000 UAC the government predicted in January 2014 would cross the border illegally and would need to be returned to their home country.

It would be nice if the administration was as concerned about the health, societal and criminal problems created by dumping all these people in communities like Murrieta, California, even hinting at the use of force to do so when the residents object.

Instead, the same tired old refrain…”We need more money to deal with this problem”.  Someone is making one hell of a lot of money off this endeavor. Maybe it’s time to find who stands to benefit the most from all that cash.

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