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Many questions, no answers

July 14, 2014

The first thing you do when you have a problem to solve is to define its parameters, its scope and impact,  before throwing money at it. To do that you have to examine all facets of the problem. That’s basic methodology. It stands to reason that to solve the UAC/refugee/illegal immigrant problem, we need to define it. Is it a refugee crisis, or a carefully staged diversion?

When ordinary clergy, lay nonprofit staff, the news media and even a U.S. congressman are prevented from free, open, at-will and transparent visits to the holding facilities being used to contain the newest importation of people flooding across our southern borders, something stinks.

We have over a quarter of a million people who have crossed our borders since October, 2013. They are now so confident that they don’t hide out in the desert or dig tunnels or try to evade the Border Patrol. They simply walk up and surrender. Why?

If the administration didn’t know this was going to happen, why did they post a contract to hire people as chaperones for 65,000 UAC’s in January of 2014?

While we focus on the shiny object of “humanitarian refugee treatment” who and what else is getting across the border we don’t know about?

Why is President Obama so dead set against tightening border security with the National Guard and drone surveillance immediately?

Why doesn’t Congress pass an amendment to the 2008 law to remove the requirement treating non-Mexican, non-Canadian i.e. OTM illegal immigrants differently from their more contiguous counterparts?

Why is the government relocating these so-called refugees without even telling the recipient states they are coming?

Why are we calling these people refugees when they haven’t petitioned our embassies in their home countries for asylum?

If conditions in their home country are really as bad as they say, what are those countries doing with the money we send them, and why are we still sending it?

Lots of questions, no answers. We need a lot more of that much touted and seldom seen transparency. It should take Congress about 3 minutes to see that the $3.7 billion dollar request does nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. C’mon guys and gals – if you still have a backbone, maybe you could use it?

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