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The dissing of America

July 17, 2014

When some foreign mouthpiece or politician puts America down, you can sort of understand it. After all, if they think their way of life or government or political precepts are better than ours, they are certainly going to say so. They want to get votes, they want to be popular among their followers, they want to stay in power, and they know who butters their bread, so you can just consider the source.

When it is OUR mouthpiece or politician, you have to wonder what’s in it for them? Exactly who are they trying to please, and whose interests are they serving?

John Kerry is “uncomfortable” with American politicians talking about American exceptionalism. Eric Holder thinks we are a nation of cowards. Barack Obama thinks he should apologize that we even exist. Success is the new bogeyman to be conquered by the enlightened. Rich is the new four-letter word, unless of course it is a left-leaning audience that can afford $30,000-a-plate dinners.

The most unexceptional thing about America right now  is that we continue to pay these people, who clearly feel America as it has always been has no right to exist, to advocate for our destruction.

We pay them  not just to talk down to us, but to keep the very people they profess to care so much about on the bottom rungs of society. Perhaps that’s because it is easier and less dangerous to create and manipulate a poor person that has to depend on you, than a rich one that doesn’t need you and could dump you in a heartbeat.

There are literally hundreds of regimes that people are fleeing from daily. They are not sneaking into Mars.

Perhaps our elected or appointed detractors should stow away on one of the planes leaving America. Surely, they can talk their way into a country that fits their ideal model, and leave ours alone.  

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