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How are domestic abusers and the Democratic party similar?

August 12, 2014

They both rely on intimidation to achieve similar goals.

Most everyone is educated enough about domestic abuse to understand that the abuser needs to create and control a victim to feel powerful. When the object of their abuse finally decides to break free, the reaction of the abuser is usually violent and outcomes are often tragic.

So it is with the current Democratic push to force businesses to keep their tax domicile in the United States.

On one hand, the party needs businesses to pay the maximum amount of tax possible to support their profligate spending habits. On the other hand, they need a scapegoat to explain why they are being forced to confront the inevitable outcomes of that habit.

When the President tells business owners “You didn’t build that” or Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) writes to the CEO of Walgreens telling him that his business wouldn’t exist without government programs, it is no different from a domestic abuser telling the victim that they are too old or too ugly or too stupid to survive outside the abusive relationship.

That works for a while, sometimes for a very long time. When intimidation and fear of the unknown ceases to be effective, the abuser can always escalate to threats and exhibitions of physical violence, replacing fear of the unknown with fear of death or incapacitating injury.

It is at that point that most targets of abuse make the decision that whatever the future holds, it has to be better than the reality they live in now.

The unrelenting pressure on businesses in the U.S. has reached that stage.

Faced with a never-ending onslaught of regulations, unfunded mandates, taxes and vilifying PR attacks, some have simply said “enough”. The administration’s reaction is to threaten to inflict even more serious pain.

If the business is large enough and wealthy enough it moves out of the U.S. and seeks a safe shelter. If it isn’t, it simply closes.

If you draw a paycheck, own stock, or collect taxes, you have a stake in the health and safety of American business.

Judging from the $2.73 billion losses at the Post Office this year, the debacle at the VA, or the untold millions wasted on implementing the ACA, the government doesn’t do a very good job of building much of anything. Governments don’t create, they simply appropriate according to the amount of power we give them.

Walgreens started through the effort and industry of one man in 1901, considerably before Medicare and Medicaid. It is highly likely that if both of those programs were to fail today, we would still have doctors writing prescriptions and we might still need a quart of milk for the baby at three in the morning. In fact, if so much of our income didn’t go to support Washington D.C. we could probably afford medicine and milk better than we can now.

We have no tolerance in this country for domestic abusers. It is long past time for us to develop that same disdain for government abusers.

The future without government intimidation on every level from our kitchens to the corner Walgreens store would be worth the momentary uncertainty. The future without American business is not an option.

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