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Somebody call central casting.

August 29, 2014

By now everyone with eyes, ears or a Twitter account has probably weighed in on President Obama’s er, unfortunate choice of wording about having a strategy to deal with ISIS.

OK, let’s admit that we all occasionally  would love to have a do-over of something we said. But none of us is the President of the United States and of course the President has Josh Earnest editing on the fly to help out. Still, it wasn’t Mr. Obama’s best moment and it hit home with just plain folks.

I happened to be sitting in a tire store waiting room with a half-dozen or so other people when the news conference came on. People did look at the screen…after all, this is our President.

When the sound bite-worthy phrase was spoken, there was a moment of startled silence, people’s mouth’s dropped open, and then very calmly, one man said “Somebody needs to call central casting. This guy just can’t carry this part.”

That’s a more and more often heard theme. It’s almost as though a neophyte thespian went to an audition, did a read-through just for the practice, went home and then found out he got a part he really had never researched and has been faking his way through it ever since.

The thing is, if that happens in a play or a TV pilot, the producer or the audience can cancel the show.

America is being subjected to reruns of a really bad performance over and over again, and we can’t turn off the TV or leave the theater. It’s a shame.

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