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November 25, 2014

If you are over 60, you might be forgiven for turning on the TV Monday night and wondering if you were having a flashback.

As Ferguson, Missouri burned, you might also be forgiven for wondering what the last fifty years has accomplished.

A lot of stereotypes were validated, not as aberrations or prejudice, but as fact last night.

That’s the truly sad part of the events of the last three months in Missouri.

No matter which side of the issue you support, no matter your point of view, there were plenty of visuals to make you wonder why we try to change human nature.

It seems that some people will always hate and they will live to pass on that hate. Some people with no particular reason for existing other than to prey on others will always be a part of society.

Some people will always find an excuse for  anarchy, a venue in which to spew hate, and a stage to exploit events for their own personal gain.

There is no civil right that allows for a hair salon or a neighborhood market to go up in flames, and it is hard to find a rationale for any branch of government or law enforcement to ignore criminal acts motivated by nothing more noble than a desire to commit mayhem.

A parent standing up for their child is understandable. That’s what parents do. It shouldn’t have led to this.

Ferguson is no longer a poster child for improving community relations or enforcing civil rights.

It’s a sad commentary on justice and equality being suborned by another set of motives entirely.

The media will move past Ferguson, and one day it may be just a footnote in a textbook.

The human race will move on, and we will watch another Ferguson, another Selma, or another Watts again one day.

Another generation will turn on their mass media of choice and wonder if they’re having a flashback.

Why is it we never learn?

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