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A wish for 2015

December 30, 2014

If there is any one wish we could all make for the next year, it would be for the country to return to using common sense.

If you don’t want police in your neighborhood, maybe the answer is to have less or no crime in your neighborhood.

Maybe it’s time to glorify the guy with a resume instead of a rap sheet, or the person that just gets up and goes to work every day, regardless of what he or she is paid.

We’ve tried throwing money at the problems for years. The war in Afghanistan is NOT our longest war…it’s the misnamed war on poverty. We lost that war when political activists declared war on American industries, and then cried and moaned when the jobs went away.

It’s not about more government control, it’s about self-control.

It’s not guns either.

There are an estimated 80 million registered gun owners in the U.S. Owning a gun does not make you a criminal.

YOU make you a criminal. It wasn’t your daddy, or your family history, or your appearance.

It is certainly no surprise that arrests in NYC have dropped by 66%. Police officers want to have as good a chance as possible of living to see tomorrow as anyone else, and right now they are sitting ducks.

It would appear from the news coverage that the people of New York, LA or Missouri just want to be free to rob, destroy property, or kill without fear of arrest.

That’s probably not true, but the public perception is there because you don’t see coverage of the decent, hardworking, law abiding folks protesting too.

Maybe that’s unfair, but if you don’t stand up and be counted as one of the good guys, then you are by acquiescence presumed to be one of the bad guys.

Mayor DeBlasio isn’t unique when he says he talked with his son about interacting with law enforcement. What’s unique is that he blamed the police for something that is a product of a real problem in his city and others. A problem that has nothing to do with race or economic conditions.

Most parents at some point have a talk with their kids about interacting with law enforcement or just dealing with authority in general. It used to be that talk was somewhat centered around the idea that rules that need to be obeyed. Now the rules themselves are the problem for a certain segment of society.

Regardless of what your feelings about religion are, most of the laws we have on the books today sort of follow the ten commandments. We used to teach our children that some things are just wrong and that there would be punishment meted out for doing those things.

Here, we have the freedom to believe as we want to believe, even if that means not believing in a higher power at all.

That’s fine, but if you don’t teach morality from the Bible, then you have to replace it with something that works just as well if you want to continue having a viable society, and that something is the law.

This whole protest mantra isn’t about killer cops, police brutality or black lives. It’s about being freed from any sort of societal restraints.

When a group of people proclaim that they are committed to disrupting a New Year’s celebration that involves the lives and property of thousands of innocent people, that’s not about justice, it’s about anarchy.

Nobody’s perfect. If a cop oversteps his authority then that cop needs to be punished, but the punishment shouldn’t be because he or she forgot to look the other way when laws are broken.

We’ve spent a good part of the last forty or fifty years trying to pretend that every bad thing that happens to us is someone else’s fault.

It isn’t. It’s our fault, either directly by our actions, or collectively by our silence.

It’s time for common sense to take over, and what better time than the start of a new year?

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