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The Friday Round-up

January 30, 2015

Everyone should get a college degree…in partying?

The headline reads: “UVA sororities enraged over fraternity party ban”, with the sorority sisters claiming gender discrimination.

Get real. This is about being able to drink yourself into a stupor and then complain that you weren’t responsible for your own actions.

Frankly, if that’s what you want to do, go to it.  If your goal for attending college is to die of alcohol poisoning, get raped or rape someone, or fall off a third-floor balcony and become a paraplegic, our Constitution gives you the right as an adult to have that goal. The common view of the college experience is that all colleges are party city, so by that  logic partying should be not just condoned, but expected and protected.

Where some people have a problem with that is doing it on someone else’s dime, particularly the taxpayer’s dime.

If getting a college education is a right, as the President opines, then that right confers certain responsibilities, just as having a driver’s license confers the responsibility to operate a vehicle safely. Your responsibility as a taxpayer-supported student is to get an education, not a hangover.

So go ahead and party…on your own dime

Romney reads the tea leaves and pulls out.

Mitt Romney should have won the 2012 election. He didn’t. End of story.

Taliban five ex-prisoner contacts the Taliban.

Who did we think he was going to call…Ghostbusters?

White House parses the definition of “terrorist organization”

Like people who will only believe in Bigfoot when they see a body, the White House won’t see a terrorist until one is standing on the desk in the Oval Office with a Kalashnikov.

Biden warns Dems that GOP will steal economic recovery credit.

Unless you are a politician, this will be charged as petty theft and plea bargained down to a misdemeanor.

Have a great weekend!

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