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Somebody discipline these brats!

February 16, 2015

That’s the general public sentiment six weeks into the much-anticipated 114th Congress.

Voters on both sides of the aisle haven’t seen very many good effects yet from the 2014 election, and they’re losing whatever tenuous hold they had on their patience.

One man was heard to say he hopes an asteroid lands on Washington, so we can start over.

The average person on the street doesn’t give a damn about either side’s political pet projects or the President’s legacy.

The whole Washington thing just seems so infantile.

Take the current stand-off on immigration.  The Republican WMD strategy seems to be withholding funds from the entire Department of Homeland Security to get a clause rolling back the current immigration give-away. Right. That’s guaranteed to make an already nervous public feel a lot safer.

Gee, haven’t we been here before?  Does anyone think that the administration won’t take that political gift and run with it?

Remember the sequestration that no one thought would ever happen? Remember the President’s immediate choice to make that as tough on everyday Americans as possible as long as it made for good political optics?

No one with even an ounce of common sense thinks that the president is going to rescind his executive action on immigration, so why not bring that up as a separate bill dealing with that specific problem?  If you want to make the President look bad, then hold him to his promise that he will drop the executive order when Congress produces a comprehensive immigration bill.

On the other side of the aisle, why insist on holding the President to a campaign promise to be the end-all-wars President when world events like ISIL obviously make that an untenable position?

And of course there are the White House Club members that see all events in the context of the-world-as-we-want-it,  not as it is. Somehow they’ve gotten government confused with a Magic Kingdom.

Running the American government has gotten to be like a back road game of chicken. The only way somebody wins at the game of chicken is when one combatant is ready to swerve away at the last minute.

The people that voted for a change in the make-up of Congress did so hoping, if not exactly believing, that it would have some chance to evoke positive change.

Well, you know what they say about wishing in one hand and spitting in the other.

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