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Jobs for jihadists – really?

February 17, 2015

Get into a discussion with some college-age people about the similarities of this period of global terrorism in history with its most recent global predecessor, Nazi Germany, and you will usually hear something like this:

“OMG – let the damned Second World War go. That was your generation’s answer to achieving world peace, and it didn’t work.”

Apparently the Obama administration has hit upon a strategy that will eliminate the need for war, in the form of another jobs bill. That should fit in nicely with the internet generation.

Somewhat lost in the polically correct pacifist mentality is the immutable fact that the reason for going to war hasn’t changed much from 1941 to 2015. In fact it hasn’t changed from the time that two opposing clans of cavemen first decided to duke it out. It was about resisting domination by force then, and it’s about resisting domination by force now.

To be fair, no war has ever produced world peace, and it never will. So on that count at least, your Generation X, Y and M friends are right.

What they fail to recognize is that failure to recognize, acknowledge and oppose evil doesn’t produce world peace either.

Back in the days of Norsemen raiding England, or the Muslims taking over Jerusalem in 637 A.D., people tried to coexist with their conquerors by surrendering to them. They paid tribute to kings and caliphs in the hope that they could at least live their daily lives in peace. Conquering armies were tolerated in the hope that they would get enough territory to be satisfied and stop raiding their neighbors. That worked for short periods of time but sooner or later, the conquerors grew bored or greedy and had to find something new to conquer.

It is striking and terrifying how similar the world in the  21st century is to the ancient times of the 20th century.

Now as then, there is a pervasive idea that ignoring the threat posed by a violent group using religion and ethnic hatred as a recruiting tool will create a stable world.

Now as then, you have a group that thinks that if everyone was just equal in a monetary or economic sense, there would be no reason to fight. They think that they can somehow get everyone to live in harmony by providing something like jobs for jihadists. Their reasoning is that if no one is overly powerful, there will be peace because there will be nothing to fight about.

The only way that strategy is going to work is for there to be an pandemic of prefrontal lobotomies.

The cover story Hitler used to justify his genocidal Aryan supremacy ideology was that Germans were poor because Jews were rich, a concept strikingly similar to the far left’s class warfare argument that rich people are oppressing others by making them poor.

The cover story the Islamic terrorists use is that their version of Islam will purify the world, thereby justifying the extermination of all those that do not subscribe to that ideology, much as Hitler did by desensitizing the German people to the elimination of Jews.

Wars don’t achieve world peace, but they do remove threats to world survival. WWII didn’t annihilate all fascists, and the Cold War didn’t exterminate Communism.  What wars do is achieve a livable level of conflict.

People who believe in the most extreme version of Islam are not going to stop believing in it, and eliminating them by force won’t change that, any more than ISIS killing Christians is going to eliminate Christianity.That’s not the point of a war, no matter what noble justifications are used to explain it.

The modern PC crowd’s view of world events is that it takes two sides to have a war, so if we don’t fight back, there will be no war.They are right. There will not be a war. It will be a conquest.

This so-called “war against extremism”  is and will be what wars have always been about…self-defense. It will not stop mothers from teaching their children to hate, but it will for a time keep them from acting on that hate. At best, it may also help them to question why they hate.

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