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Hell hath no fury…

March 5, 2015

Like a betrayed voter, and there seem to be a lot of left-leaning voters who think they’ve been scorned.

On the very far-left end of the spectrum, you hear comments like this:

“Obama hasn’t ended gun ownership” or “Obama hasn’t shut down all fossil fuel use and production” or “Obama hasn’t gotten single-payer health insurance”.

From the moderate left and what you might call left-leaning independents you hear this sort of thing:

“This administration has set back race relations 50 years” or “it’s bad enough that they lie so much, but they are so bad at covering it up” or “this guy doesn’t care about anybody on earth but himself”.

Along comes Hillary Clinton, and becomes the supposed middle-ground, all-inclusive, party-unifying  presumptive 2016 candidate.

It seems like the DNC doesn’t quite understand that the reason people elected Barack Obama in 2008 was because Hillary couldn’t seal the deal even then.

During the 2008 season primaries, one person, an avowed Democrat, watching the debates asked out loud “I wonder if that woman ever had an original thought that Bill didn’t tell her it was OK to have?”

Aside from all the now broken promises candidate Obama made at the time, he was perceived as being someone who had actual ideas of his own, not a puppet for someone else. Mrs. Clinton suffered then as now from the perception that she was willing to overlook any kind of bad conduct to eventually attain the highest office in the land.

Fast forward to 2015 and the increasing speculation about why Mrs. Clinton felt the need to keep all of her official State Department correspondence on a privately-owned and personally controlled server in her house.

Even harder to swallow is that the office of the White House Counsel didn’t know about it, the President didn’t know about it etc. etc.

For the record, while Mrs. Clinton was at State, it was not against the law to use personal emails or private servers for government business. That regulation was passed after she left. However, she was supposed to turn in all official correspondence to government officials within 20 days. That rule was obviously not followed.

Of somewhat more concern is the revelation that apparently if you work in the government, you are somehow exempt from the intent as well as the letter of the law.

It’s highly unlikely that Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, a foreign dignitary or anyone else thought that they were discussing shopping trips to Rodeo Drive when they emailed the Secretary of State.

If this sort of scandal (sorry Mr. Axelrod, this IS a scandal) was tied to an investment banker or another Wall Street big-wig, the Justice Department and the FBI would have already gotten a subpoena and swooped in to confiscate every computer terminal, server, phone, tablet, file cabinet and shredder that was in the Clinton residence.

Of course the view on the street is that her “personal” correspondence might damage a lot more than just her Presidential aspirations.

It’s one thing to pull the wool over the so-called “naïve” voter’s eyes with a carefully crafted and well-executed campaign.

It’s quite another to back a candidate who is so clearly a puppet and a liar. Even hard-core and lifelong Democrats are balking at swallowing that line.

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