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Ferguson MO – where are the good folks there?

March 12, 2015

Once again, the little town of Ferguson, Missouri is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The Justice Department’s findings detailing the wrongs and even illegal activities of some of the local leaders was certainly damning, as it should be. No town should have to put up with that type of governance, regardless of its size or racial profile.

It was to be expected that the citizens of Ferguson would say “See? We told you so”. That would have been the logical and even expected reaction to the report.

Now it’s law enforcement’s turn to echo that comment.

Problems like those in Ferguson seldom exist without some provocation on both sides. One would have expected a few protests, perhaps in the vein of a victory celebration, since many of the people involved on the town’s side have been fired or have resigned.

One would not expect that two police officers would be shot in reaction to a report that was essentially a vindication of the complaints by the black citizens of unfair, racially biased treatment.

During the news conference the St. Louis County Chief of Police made a single statement that bodes very badly for the immediate future of the town.

During the presser, he stated that some of the city residents involved in some type of community outreach group indicated that they had no influence over some of Ferguson’s residents. That’s more than disturbing, given the events in the early hours of March 13.

Ferguson has a chance to move forward.

If there is a violent element in the town that is intimidating the other residents to the point that they can’t handle problems through peer pressure, then all the Justice Department report accomplished was to give that group an excuse to kill.

The end result today was that two officers who aren’t even members of the local force are in a hospital bed. Arguing that being shot is better than being dead misses the point entirely.

Fairness and equality do not equate to no constraints at all. If the citizens of Ferguson want peace and not anarchy, it would behoove them to help bring the shooter or shooters to justice as soon as possible.

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