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Hard-sell Iran deal tactics too reminiscent of Obamacare roll out?

April 8, 2015

After over six years of watching President Obama making sales pitches, the current round of talk show appearances and other marketing relevant to the Iran deal reportedly are not inspiring confidence among either Republicans or Democrats in Congress. Small wonder…we’ve all seen this show before.

No one would quibble with any president campaigning for an idea or a policy. After all, they all go into office with specific goals for their tenure and they are going to talk about them.

The problem with this particular president is that he only puts this much effort into something he already knows is not as advertised.

There a very thin line between being a good salesman and being a con artist. In fact, the only real difference is in the quality of the product or service.

Good salesman succeed because they are backed by a product that meets buyer expectations.

Con artists are selling something that they know either doesn’t exist or doesn’t perform as expected.

The repeated assurances that Obamacare was the best, cheapest and least disruptive product for healthcare or that there wasn’t a smidgen of corruption in the activities of the IRS, or that Benghazi was caused by a video or that Sgt. Bergdahl was an American hero, plus countless other obvious stretches of the truth makes this latest product roll-out just plain scary.

We can fix a bad insurance scheme. We can’t fix a nuclear bomb.

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