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The Trump effect

July 3, 2015

No serious political observer in their right mind thinks Donald Trump will be the next president.

So why should we care if he runs or not? The USA is advertised as a free country after all, and if an avowed socialist can run, why not Trump?  Who cares?

What’s interesting about this far right candidate is the left’s reaction to him and what it says about today’s America.

Secretly, a lot of people think they’d like to run for political office.  They don’t for two reasons.

One, they don’t have the money. Two, the only way to get money is to dive headlong into the slimy sewer that is politics.

A lot of Trump’s appeal comes from the ability to live vicariously through him.

Who hasn’t wanted at some time or the other to tell a boss or a politician or a political party to shove it? Trump is actually doing it.

Of course the left was going to go after him. It’s what politicians do. Negative attack ads are simply a reflex action in politics at any level. And to be objective, he gives his enemies a lot of ammunition and a huge target to hit.

What is concerning is the level at which the attacks are aimed.

His opponents are dead set on double-tapping this guy.

The source of his power is money…not $25 or $50 from some  union member, but his own money.

You don’t have to be a master tactician in the War Room to plan the best strategy to defeat him.

Just break him financially, and he can’t buy chips in the game anymore.

And that’s exactly the strategy. Stop selling his merchandise. Break his contracts with New York City. Refuse to give him access to an audience for his beauty pageants and TV shows.

Stop the inflow  of cash, and you stop Trump.

It’s actually overkill. And unnecessary.  Mr. Trump is good at shooting himself in the foot, from a political or even a likability factor. There’s no real need to aim for the head.

So why the seemingly disproportionate response?

Something about the man really agitates the left.

It might be just that any challenge to their campaign to divide and conquer America ticks them off.

It could be that with enough money, Trump can dig up a lot of buried skeletons.

Why should the average citizen care?

Because it shows the depth and breadth of the ability of political machines to control us.  If the machine can stop a Trump from challenging the status quo, what chance does anyone else have?

Donald Trump isn’t everybody’s favorite uncle. He’s a lousy retail politician. Nobody is ambivalent about him; they either like him or hate him.

Still,  some of what he says, however ineptly, touches a nerve.

That nerve is the supposedly inalienable right of any American to question their government’s policies.

Other than exercising his right to that that little thing called freedom, Trump doesn’t matter politically.  What’s happening to him, and why it’s happening does matter.

And on the eve of Independence Day, that’s the real message of the Trump candidacy.

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