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The rule of no law

July 15, 2015

The recent uproar over the refusal of San Francisco’s sheriff to honor a detainer “request” from the Federal government, apparently due to San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy, has once again focused attention on a local government that refuses to obey or even honor Federal laws.

Unfortunately that attitude seems to have its supporters at the very top of our government.

When asked why it isn’t mandatory for local jurisdictions to comply with the so-called detainer request, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson replied that it might make it harder to work with local law enforcement agencies.

That answer was just another in a long line of skewed reasoning emanating from this administration and liberals in general that no one they wish to cater to is ever guilty of anything.

The result is that criminals know that the government has their backs.

On July 13, the Washington Post reported that President Obama  had commuted the sentences of 46 more “nonviolent” drug offenders, bringing the total during his two terms to date to 89, the vast majority of his compassion targeting drug offenders that he feels were “over-sentenced.”

On July 14, during one of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly’s shows, liberal columnist Kirsten Powers was arguing against the O’Reilly-backed “Kate’s Law” petition requiring a mandatory five-year sentence for previously convicted and deported illegal aliens that return to the U.S,  as being too harsh. Her argument is that felonies also include “victimless” crimes such as being caught with two ounces of pot, or burglarizing unoccupied cars.

It is worth noting the man who shot Kate Steinle had never been convicted of a violent felony, but has a string of drug-related arrests. If you take his story at face value, he simply stole a gun from a law enforcement officer’s car and it went off accidentally, killing the young woman.

Look at that again. He stole the gun. He didn’t purchase it legally, no gun dealer failed to do the proper paperwork, and it wasn’t a present from his father. He stole it. Burglary and theft of property that meets certain monetary values is usually charged as a felony.

It is more than slightly likely that if he hadn’t killed anyone, but was apprehended for the theft, he would have simply been released again. The felony would probably have been plea-bargained down to a misdemeanor or the sentence reduced to time served.

Even if he was deported, he would have simply made a u-turn back across the border, just as he had done six times in the past.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is a career low-level criminal. He says he keeps returning to San Francisco because it is a sanctuary city. So much for three strikes and you’re out.

That sanctuary cities exist at all may be a violation of Federal law. They are certainly a unique product of the liberal left.

One has to wonder. If some city in Texas or another “red state” jurisdiction were to pass a law granting sanctuary to the Irish mob, or a white supremacy group, how nuts would the press go and how long before the Feds obliterated the law?

We seem to have lost the national political ability not just to differentiate between right or wrong, but even the will to care about the concept.

That leaves us with an unpleasant choice. Do we start moving back towards civilized behavior, or do our streets become war zones? Sooner or later, are the good guys going to start shooting back?

It’s going to go one way or the other, simply as a matter of self-preservation.

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