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Another presidential end run?

July 20, 2015

There must be an ongoing threat assessment that the general public isn’t aware of yet.

Somewhere in the deep dark recesses of government, someone has obviously identified a cabal of mentally challenged Social Security recipients who are plotting to overthrow the government or pull off a terrorist attack.

Why else would President Obama propose an executive order putting Social Security recipients that fit that profile on the list of those that can’t purchase firearms?

The usual mouthpieces maintain that it makes perfect sense. Why in the world would anyone want to allow someone to buy a gun when they are mentally incapable of caring for themselves?

One might ask, how likely is it that someone fitting that description is going to sneak out of their long term care facility or home care setting and buy a gun?

Of course this isn’t about mentally challenged Social Security recipients at all.  It’s about incremental gun control. And on one level it complies with existing Federal law that prohibits sale of a firearm to anyone of “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease”, which will make it tough to defeat or overturn legislatively.

Apparently, the way these folks will be added to the database is to include all of those whose Social Security payments are paid to “representative payees”. The rub there is that can include people who are physically incapable of say, writing a check or signing their own name such as quadriplegics, but who are mentally healthy.

That could well be extended to anyone receiving any form of federal assistance, from Aid to Dependent Children to SNAP to EBT cards to college tuition. Obviously those folks are also incapable of caring for themselves or they wouldn’t be receiving federal aid, right? And it’s easy to identify them, since they are already on multiple databases. That also makes it easy to identify other demographic characteristics that could be used to selectively administer the law.

Since that criteria has been reported to include roughly 49% of the population it would provide an easy pathway to effectively banning gun ownership.

Since active duty armed services personnel are already deemed unfit to carry weapons within U.S. borders, that reasoning makes perfect sense.

At some point in time, someone is going to do a deep dive into the 44th president’s two terms in office and how well he accomplished his goal to fundamentally change America.

This is bound to be one of the areas some author will examine. At that point it will unfortunately be too late to change history.

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