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This time around, you’d better care!

August 5, 2015

With the first Republican debate ready to kick off tomorrow, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign stutter-stepping in place, the “real” presidential campaign season is set for opening day on Thursday.

Since many on both sides are viewing 2016 as a defining moment in the trajectory of the future of the United States, it might be time to start paying attention.

All the usual election hoopla may bore many…after all, it happens every four years.

This one is different. Regardless of your political views, all one has to do is look at national and world events to know  that the country is teetering.

On one hand, you have the left. No political group has been more committed to its end game than the Democratic party.

The proponents of all government, all the time, have invested decades of time and unfathomable trillions in funding to achieve a model that at best can be equated to the rise of socialism in Europe.

Starting at least as far back as 1960, the left has carefully, methodically and effectively sought to change the basic United States psychological view of itself.

In that ensuing 56 years the country has essentially transformed from a nation of independent, free thinking confident people to a nation that divides itself along racial and economic borders. It is becoming a nation so afraid of offending someone, it can’t even protect itself.

Being a victim has become an economic necessity. As the government has sucked up and manipulated more and more individual wealth, and imposed its will on the citizens as a condition not just of prosperity, but of sheer survival, fewer people can afford to protest. Generations of kids have been taught that Uncle Sugar resides in the District of Columbia.

At this point in time, none of us are untouched by government mandates, guidelines, laws and regulations. From where and how you live,to what foods your kids are told to eat, to cars you are allowed to drive, to whether you can own a house, to whether you can fill in a puddle on your property, the states amount to little more than vassals to Washington DC.

On the other hand you have the complacent, complicit and largely ineffective right. Perhaps due to excesses of the 1950’s McCarthy era, Republicans have become the party that goes along to get along.

As far as elections or any other popularity contest goes, if your opponent is for something, it stands to reason that the your  side has to be against it.

The only problem is, if your opponent is giving out bags of chocolates, you aren’t going to garner many votes handing out bags of toothbrushes.

The whole thing is kind of like two dysfunctional parents. If one parent gives in to the kids at the first sign of a tear, and the other  tells the kids to shut up and clean their room, which parent gets the most attention from the kids? What parent wants to be seen as a meanie all the time?

In the social media age, that’s a hard fence to straddle.

In an ideal world, the kids know just how far they can push before Pushover parent sides with Meanie parent, and eventually they give up and clean their rooms.

In today’s world, the sanitation department comes in condemns the rooms.

That conflict between tough and soft is the one Republicans seem to have had a particularly hard time resolving.

They’d better get it figured out this time around. It’s unlikely they’ll get another chance.

Watch the two debates tomorrow. Even if you hate politics or Fox News, if you  like America this election matters to you.

If you don’t know how to find it, check the  FaceBook Fox News page.  And yes, you can even vote on your phone!

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