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Paul Ryan goes all in for consensus government

October 21, 2015

Seldom has there been a more reluctant draftee savior than Paul Ryan.

While pundits are wont to read the tea leaves in strange and obscure ways, their analysis that Ryan has reportedly couched his terms in a way to almost guarantee that he won’t be nominated as the next Speaker of the House seems uncommonly accurate.

On the other hand, Ways and Means Chairman Ryan does seem to be sitting in the catbird seat.

The far right so-called Freedom Caucus ( the Republican version of has had a great time proving that everything the left says about rabid Republicans is true.

Far from being soldiers for freedom and democracy, this group will align themselves with anyone, including Nancy Pelosi, to block the slightest attempt to actually govern.

It is fashionable in some circles to blame only the lunatic left for all of America’s problems.

In truth, if at any time only the fringes dominate the political process, that very process is the loser.

Whatever else Chairman Ryan might be, he is certainly clear-headed when he defines his opposition.

His “My way or the highway” challenge has already brought out strident attacks from his own party.  He has been called about everything you can call someone without being sued for slander.

His moderate stance on immigration and his defense of non-discrimination in the workplace for the LGBT community has reportedly irked his party’s extremists ever since he was selected by Mitt Romney as his 2012 running mate.

It remains to be seen whether he can pull the outlier caucuses to the middle, or whether they would even honor any pledge they make now in the future.

Ryan’s experience as a presidential running mate should leave him with no illusions about his enemies.

The very fact that he is even considering becoming the next Speaker of the House speaks well for his sense of duty, if not his common sense.

This is one contest where winning could be far more damaging than losing.

Watch your six, Mr. Chairman.

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