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10 questions you would ask candidates.

November 2, 2015

In the wake of the deservedly ridiculed CNBC-moderated GOP “debate” people are still asking to have their concerns addressed.

People were asking questions on social media before and as that debacle unfolded.  In view of the next debate on November 10, what would they still like to know?

Here, in no particular order and chosen at random,  are some of the things they say they would ask if they were allowed to moderate a debate on business and economics. In some cases they prefaced their questions, sometimes not.

“My grandmother can only afford to replace one light bulb at a time in her house, because instead of 4 bulbs for $1.99, she now must pay an average of $7.00 per bulb to get the same amount of brightness per bulb.”

  • What will you do about reviewing and possibly reversing some of the more egregious regulations and policy changes that affect real people?
  • What will you do to put power back into the hands of the people?
  • What is your specific timetable and method to reduce the national debt to zero or close to it in the time you can legally serve as President?
  • Assuming that you actually get companies to repatriate to the U.S., how will you force them to invest in America again by opening new plants and creating new job opportunities in the U.S., given that other countries labor costs are so much lower?
  • Businesses are always being quoted as saying they can’t find qualified American workers. Would you back tax credits for companies that invest in apprentice programs or on-site education to grow qualified workers within their company?
  • If you get a 15% flat tax, what departments in the government would you eliminate or drastically reduce (other than the IRS) to make the reduced money supply cover the core responsibilities of a national government while still reducing the national debt?
  • Would you make companies that get grants or other taxpayer funding to develop new technologies or expand old ones pay back the money if they fail before they even open?
  • Would you support banning market and competition-destroying mergers that leave us at the mercy of big business?
  • Democrats say they are against the rich controlling politics. To that end, would you support banning super-PACs, given that this election is estimated to cost 7-10 billion dollars?
  • Will you discuss your economic policy goals in depth and in writing on your website so we can read and understand them?

These don’t sound like uninformed and disinterested voters.  They are OK with challenging a candidate’s stance on an issue, but the juvenile gossip column tone of the last two debates was equally as insulting to voters as it was to the candidates.

It will be interesting to see if any of these questions are actually asked, much less answered in the subsequent debate schedules.

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