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The President’s odd logic

November 19, 2015

Why is it that every time that the U.S. is under a threat, the President immediately changes the subject to portray any concern as racist, or some other claptrap political spin?

The ridiculous comment that “Republicans are afraid of widows and orphans” because it seems the height of folly to just admit Middle East and African refugees given the Paris attacks and the threats from ISIS is a case in point.

So is the threat to veto any legislation that might possibly give our intelligence agencies some breathing room to get a handle on the problem of the tens of thousands of people who have crossed borders, overstayed their visas, or just plain decided that blowing something up here would be a great idea.

Given that we have all seen the videos of very young children being trained in Islamic terrorist training camps, and oh yes, the fact that the person who detonated a suicide belt this morning in Saint Denis, France was a woman, you’d better believe that Americans in general have a right to be a bit nervous.

The administration seems hell bent on trying to sell us the idea that all the people who will be admitted will have been vetted for from 18 to 24 months before being allowed in.

That’s right up there with the moon having been scientifically proven to be made of green cheese.

Given that the military can’t find even 50 people that it can vet well enough to train to be a counter-insurgency force, that appears to be a plain damn lie.

There  are supposedly 25 people of Middle Eastern descent that the Feds just surreptitiously inserted into Louisiana recently. Suppose the government identifies them and lets an independent nongovernment investigator vet these people. Just when did they apply for asylum? Who vouched for them? What database was used to verify their identity?  Is their DNA on file somewhere?

According to the various state governors,  the Feds refuse to let them know when they are releasing these folks into the general population.

The President’s men and probably women as well would tell you it’s to defend them from racism. That’s why Kate’s Law is a dead deal with this administration, in spite of the fact that all it seeks to do is to stop known illegal immigrant felons from freely crossing back and forth across the borders.

Which suggests another question. Just exactly who or what does the President and the Democrats see as the enemy?

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