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Skewed values?

November 27, 2015

There are two headlines coming out of Chicago today.  The first of course is the protests on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue that seek to express outrage over what by any lay person’s evaluation of the just-released video was the unjustified homicide of 17 year-old LaQuan McDonald by a white police officer.

The second headline is getting a lot less attention from the protestors.

That one details the arrest of one of the shooters in the case of a 9-year-old child executed  by members of a gang retaliating against the boy’s father, reportedly also a gang member.

With all the respect due him, it would seem that Jesse Jackson would do a lot more good for the black community at the head of a protest centered on the killing of the 9 year-old.

Of course, demonstrating in front of the local gang hangouts would require a bit more …moxie than shutting down a lot of law-abiding businesses that provide jobs and income for Chicago citizens.

Maybe if he lived in a safe, law-abiding city, LaQuan McDonald might not have needed to be carrying a knife.  Maybe he wouldn’t have felt the need to defy the cops in the first place to prove how bad he was.  Maybe he wouldn’t be one of the 2700 homicides recorded to date in Chicago  this year.

But that’s the world both he and little Tyshawn Lee lived in and now they don’t live anywhere except in the hearts of their families.

To be fair, the Michigan Avenue protests are supposedly targeted at Chicago’s mayor and police commissioner, current visible heads of what has reportedly been for the most part a corrupt city government environment for well over a century.

One has to ask…if the citizens know how bad political corruption is in Chicago, why do you keep voting for the people that make it so? Is it truly that there are no honest people left in the city, or even the state that could live long enough to get elected?

Or is it that today, black lives only matter politically when they are taken by cops?

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