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This coach is a loser.

December 7, 2015

Marty just got a brand-new 60″ TV for his birthday, and on Sunday he invited some 20 people over for a football party.

President Obama’s Oval Office address  aired just about the time the party was getting started. It was billed as being short, so Marty left the TV on. Like he said, after all, the guy is the President.

As the address ended, Marty commented that if the President was the coach of a football team, he’d be out of a job, and the owners would probably get a new team together.

Anyone expecting something new or even something reassuring had to be disappointed.

The man who has no problem with labeling the police, anyone who disagrees with him, and a substantial number of white Americans as racist, bigoted and over-privileged, still has a problem with pinning an accurate descriptive term on the people that are trying to and succeeding in killing us.

Instead, he cautions that we must not  discriminate against all Muslims.

That’s actually pretty easy advice to follow.

Not all Muslims are trying to kill us and take the world back to the seventh century. We get that, Mr. President.

The problem is that the bad guys don’t have a tat on their forehead that reads “R.I.T.” for Radical Islamic Terrorist.

In fact, it’s pretty obvious that even women with little kids might be coming here to kill us. Oh wait…that already happened.

Also obvious…strict gun laws don’t stop people from killing us either. Maybe we need stricter pipe bomb laws?

It is the nature of law enforcement to sometimes be behind the curve. Any nation that espouses the principle of innocent until proven guilty has that problem. The military can take preemptive action, but as long as acts like Colorado Springs or San Bernardino are being handled as law enforcement issues, we will stay behind on the scoreboard.

When we are just now finding out that being on the no-fly list doesn’t already get you on the no-buy list as well, you have to wonder if we are too far behind to catch up.

Americans might be forgiven for thinking that instead of “watching” 900 suspected terrorists or terrorist sympathizers,  maybe we ought to round them up and put them someplace where they can’t spy on us at best and blow us up at worst.

Some place like oh, maybe one of those super-max prisons that seem to be perfectly OK to move the Gitmo prisoners into so Gitmo can be closed and handed back over to Cuba?

Any intelligence we may have gotten by watching these  R.I.T. foot soldiers sure didn’t help the folks that were killed on 9/11 and it didn’t save any lives in San Bernardino either.

A common after-the-fact announcement is that whoever is shooting up the place had been on the FBI’s or the DHS radar at some point.

This most recent incident was no different.

And we are going to import thousands more “vetted” people from the countries that want us dead? Presumably, the female half of this kill team was “vetted”  too.

That didn’t seem to work out very well.

Armies have to have frontline troops, commonly, if cynically, referred to as cannon fodder.

The Farook’s and Malik’s of the world are recruited to be the cannon fodder for the radical Islamic terrorist army. They know it, accept it, and do what good soldiers have done since time immemorial.

They kill the enemy for as long as they can, until they are killed.

At some point though, whether due to cost, perceived ineffectiveness or simple attrition, the people that run the armies always make the decision to haul out the big guns.

There will come a time when the RIT movement will opt for something that has a lot more impact than 14 dead people in a meeting hall.

That’s exactly why we used the nuclear option on Japan in WWII. It’s why Germany was working on the same strategy and trying to build a super cannon, the V3, that could hit England from Europe.

Even though not all the 900 people (and even the government admits that’s just the ones we know about) may not mount an attack, they are listening, looking, learning and communicating.

Being concerned about the most likely people that might be doing that that isn’t racist, Islamophobic or paranoid.

It’s just common sense, something that seems to be  in short supply in Washington.

Luckily this coach’s contract will be up soon. Hopefully we can get some top draft picks to change the scoreboard in favor of the home team.

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