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Why did people cheer Trump?

December 9, 2015

The inevitable question in every news cycle is “what do people see in that guy?”  In the wake of his comments about barring Muslims from entering the country, what would those people say? 

Here are some of their answers.

He’s at least as much of a narcissist as Obama, but at least he’s OUR narcissist.”

“He’s right about barring Muslims until we have some way to weed out the bad people.”

“He doesn’t buy into that PC crap about offending any particular group, in this case Muslims. It seems like everybody’s forgotten that we didn’t start this fight. They bombed the Towers not once but twice, going clear back to 1993, and we should have leveled them then. Instead we have a president that lectures us about being tolerant. Tolerance has to work both ways.”

“The other people running for president want to temporarily ban people from any country that has a significant terrorist population. That’s every country with a Wahhabi Sunni Muslim population. You never hear about banning people from Saudi Arabia, and yet that’s where almost all of the 9/11 killers were from. If they weren’t controlling oil production, we’d be fighting there too. We DO have stupid or even something worse people running the country.”

Ask any 20 people supporting Trump, and you are likely to get similar answers.

As the banner said on 9/11, we have never forgotten who hit us then and it’s the same ideology attacking us now.

What looks different now is that our government doesn’t seem to care about protecting us. Somehow, the government’s war on terror feels more like a war on us.

What feels different is that while six months ago a lot of people were mostly entertained by Mr. Trump, in the wake of San Bernardino, now they actually want to vote for him.

Political prognosticators opine that handing Trump the nomination is tantamount to electing Hillary Clinton, and they might be right.

It’s not as though the GOP doesn’t have other choices. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and even some of the below 3% candidates like Lindsay Graham  have said some of the same things. Indeed, Graham and Governor Christie are infinitely better qualified to speak with authority on national security than Donald Trump.

Yet for some reason, people aren’t hearing them in the same way they do the Donald.

Maybe it’s because he came out early with the message many Americans wanted to hear. So many are so tired of the never-ending apology tours and guilt-tripping speeches. The average Joe and Jane on the street would love to feel they could speak their mind without fearing government reprisals, all the while knowing they don’t dare do so.

And then along comes someone they at least recognize with the money and moxie to do it for them. A champion, if you will.

Time will tell whether Trump’s speak first and think later strategy will carry him into the  Oval Office.

From a practical point of view, most logical GOP voters don’t think he has the creds to handle a job of that magnitude without getting us formally into WWIII.

On the other hand, those that believe we are already there really don’t give a damn about what the pundits think.

Given that taking advice and counsel from others doesn’t seem to be Trump’s strong point, you have to begin to wonder what happens if he makes it through the end zone.

One thing is for sure. If his poll numbers keep going up, we’d better be thinking about that eventuality a bit harder.

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