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Did you miss this message on gun control?

January 5, 2016

The general media reaction even on the right to President Obama’s executive order on gun control was a collective yawn.

Which leaves one wondering…did no one hear the word “incremental” or did they hear it but it didn’t register?

While pundits debate about whether this was simply a way to fulfill a promise made, bait for the Republican candidates, or just more shiny object politics, you might want to ask yourself… what are the other incremental steps?

President Obama knows that this is about as far as he can go on gun control in the waning days of his presidency.

Sure he can redefine what constitutes “being in the business” of selling guns, and use the order to justify adding another 230 people to the Federal payroll while spending another half-trillion of your tax dollars but even his push to track guns and their owners electronically like a lost cell phone won’t get done in the next 12 months.

You might think, after watching the President sound off about some innocuous-sounding “fundamental change for the better” like oh, Obamacare or the Dream Act for instance, that his tactics would be more obvious.

In truth, Mr. Obama and the rest of the Democratic strategists are banking on Hillary winning the next four or maybe eight years for them, and in their view that’s a done deal if Donald Trump becomes the Republican candidate.

By the time that contest is decided the groundwork for the other increments of gun control will be fully developed.

The Feds will have possibly the most comprehensive database ever of who is buying and selling guns and a lot of the information will be available in real time.

While having fingerprint and tracking technology sounds pretty tame and even an improvement over gun safes and manual safeties, it will create quite the little treasure trove for going after those who disagree with the left’s policies.

Of course our government wouldn’t use it that way, right?

Just like they didn’t use the IRS, OSHA or the NSA against their political opposites.

Watch that first step…it’s a doozy.

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