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Did Chicago just elect Donald Trump?

March 12, 2016

If you want to sway elections, just make one of the candidates the underdog.

Although the media (and the campaigns) would have you believe that all the voters have now made up their minds, there are still a good number of  people that aren’t all that sure.

Some are torn between voting for one of the two GOP frontrunners, others are still trying to decide which party will benefit them most while others are back in the “why vote at all” camp.

Then came the Chicago anti-Trump protest, purportedly organized at least in part by a left-wing  activist group.

People not on the Trump bandwagon generally say they worry if he can do what he says.

Those voters  may have moved away from Trump, but that doesn’t mean they like the alternatives. They remain undecided about who to choose as the best out of a bad lot.

Recently, everybody on the GOP side of the ballot started pulling the Dump Trump wagon.

Undecided voters could excuse that as the natural reaction of men and women  who want or have wanted to be President just as badly as does Trump.

Then Chicago happened, and the remaining GOP candidates promptly blamed candidate Trump for the whole mess.

All of a sudden, this is no longer about differences in policy for a lot of people.

Nobody with  half a working brain is surprised when a left wing liberal group stages one of these phony “spontaneous” protests, especially in a heavily Democratic city with a long history of encouraging violence as a campaign strategy.

After all, dividing the country along racial and economic lines is the left’s battle strategy. In that crowd “white privilege” and “stick it to the rich guys” resonates a lot better than “respect everyone’s rights” or  “pick up a job application instead of a protest sign.”

What the balance of the GOP field seems not to understand is that a strong component of Trump’s success and support to date is backlash against that very strategy.

By seeming to support the “protestors” as having a right to stop many thousands of people from even hearing Mr. Trump, candidates Cruz, Rubio and even the heretofore issues-oriented  Kasich reminded undecided voters what they initially liked about Trump.

When you trash Trump, you are also trashing the people who support him as well as those who just want to go to his events and see him for themselves.

For men who profess to have respect for the process in which they are participating and the Constitution they claim to be defending, that might not be the wisest election strategy.

Or as one man put it while watching the news this morning:

“Trump can’t be any worse than this bunch of hypocrites or what we have now. I’ll give him a chance to try it his way.”

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