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Who is really splitting the GOP?

March 14, 2016

On the eve of what is being hyped as being the first day of the true two-man race for the GOP nomination the party is still muddling about trying to find itself.

Unless they can somehow run as a suited pair, it may be time for Governor Kasich and Senator Rubio to accept congratulations for fighting the good fight and fade into the annals of 2016 election history.

Up to the present, you can’t blame any candidate for trying to win the nomination outright.

But to say or imply that they wouldn’t support Trump if he won? Who are they going to support,  Hillary?

That strategy, more than any other speaks volumes about politics as usual.

The mainstream media is still floundering around trying to figure out how we got to this point, as witnessed by this ABC piece yesterday citing a study done by a well-known and probably well reimbursed research firm.

Uh, guys, it isn’t really that hard.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is the product of a political party system that voters believe puts its own institutional survival above that of the citizens and the nation.

Why else would any GOP candidate or party hardliner say that they won’t support Trump even if he wins the nomination fair and square?

Remember what Trump said when he began his run in this improbable political season?

He said he was running because no matter which party he had supported in the past, no matter how much money he threw at the candidates, nothing got better.

People tend to vote based on their own lives and what they see with their own two eyes and their reaction to that was “Bro, you got THAT right.”

For eight long years, the Republicans have been promising the next election or the next or the next or the next will give them a chance to fix everything.

Meanwhile, Democrats have been shoveling more layers on the mushrooms for decades.

Guess what? Nothing got fixed.

The latest excuse for the GOP is that they need a Republican president. Trump was savvy enough to run as a Republican, although to be accurate he is more of an independent.

For all his other faults, he’s a realist who knows he will need help from others to accomplish his goals. He says as much with his “I am a uniter” speech line.

Donald Trump has a lot of negatives from a political point of view, and those negatives are quite well enumerated by his foes on both the left and right.

He also has one undeniable and unshakeable positive. People believe in him.

He isn’t running to keep the status quo in place and he doesn’t need the money or the fame.

The GOP has the best chance since 1980 to make something wonderful happen and they can’t even see it.

One media commentator said something along the lines of, ” …if we could just take the best from all of the four remaining GOP candidates we would have the perfect president.”

Unfortunately we can’t gene splice or clone that person.

What we could have is a chance to create a coalition and ultimately an administration that creates the same effect.

Think about it.  Trump is enough of a centrist to bring support across party lines, in addition to being a consummate salesman and PR guy.

Ted Cruz is the best legal mind and the strongest constitutionalist, although his public persona is about as inviting as a wolverine defending a kill.

Governor Kasich is a good administrator and detail guy, and Rubio has a personal story that could weave all of the strands into a whole cloth.

Yeah.  Dream on.

It’s highly unlikely that as of July all these men are suddenly going to bond for life.

To be fair,  at least for today Ted Cruz  is giving lip service to upholding his pledge to support the nominee, even if it is Donald Trump.

Given his continued remarks about how bad Trump would be for the country, it makes you wonder if he isn’t about to blame a super-PAC for that momentary lapse into civility.

He’s about to get the chance to test his theories on the country.

Maybe the Stop Trump movement will work.  Maybe not.

Maybe the country will like the guy who is credited for shutting down the government to prove a point better than a former First Lady who can fall back on her talents as a grandma if the email thing gets too tiresome.

Think the primaries lacked a certain elegance? Hang on to your hat and send the kids out of the room.

It’s a certainty that the 2016 election season is about to get a lot nastier.

At the end of the race the real winner or loser won’t be a candidate or a political party.

It will be us.

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