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Hello, GOP establishment?

March 16, 2016

Can you hear us now?

There are probably a few establishment politicians who still don’t get it.

People like John Boehner, with his endorsement of Paul Ryan as the “alternative” GOP nominee.

Really?  Even after the GOP’s other anointed but reluctant draftee, Jeb Bush, went splat on the windshield of voter revolt?

Hopefully Ryan has a better developed sense of survival than that, but you never know. He’s caved in before.

The establishment GOP might have had a chance with Marco Rubio, but as usual, they blew it.

It wasn’t Rubio’s involvement with the so-called Gang of Eight that doomed his campaign. It was the stodgy GOP party hacks.

Rubio was deemed to be disrespectful of the royal line of succession imposed by the Republican machine, so they relegated him to the kiddie table.

That’s the only explanation for why the party spent 30-plus million dollars to defeat a man running in the top three and polling the best against Hillary Clinton.

They didn’t get it, even after it was clear that the voters didn’t want Jeb Bush.

That’s really too bad, but life moves on.

With the contest now between Trump and Cruz, with Kasich holding on for a piece of the action in July and no sign that the old guard will accept Cruz or that he would accept their help even if offered, the contest moves ahead without the party.

Cruz is clearly the solid second place guy, but beginning today, the dynamics change.

People in the March 15 election that didn’t vote for him don’t like Cruz any better now than they did on Tuesday morning and he’s still not highly favored against the Clinton machine.

The same is true for Trump. He has the task of retaining his current supporters while building support with the unconvinced.

The difference between Trump and Cruz is that Trump has so far proven to be better than his opposition at actually completing that task.

The wild card will be the voters, and any campaign, political pundit or party strategist who fails to acknowledge them now does so at their own peril.

One of the two frontrunners will have to beat Hillary.  With the liberal left already calling in their defensive line in the form of the paid agitators and black hat hackers, it would behoove Republicans to wrap this up quickly.

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