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Don’t like Trump or HRC?

March 18, 2016

That’s the gist of a headline and video clip under the CBS News banner.

OK, great. That’s your right as an American.

So why aren’t you out there campaigning for Ted Cruz or John Kasich or even Bernie Sanders?

In this clip, the members of  a Frank Luntz focus group indicated they would rather stay home than vote for either of the two frontrunners.

Right on. Just drop out of the system and then you can whine about how one or the other side isn’t doing enough for you.

The bar graph included with the video clip showed that the most mainstream of all the remaining GOP candidates, the only one with a proven and verifiable record going back decades of doing what he says he will do, is the least supported of them all.

Their answer was form a third party and look for “someone” else.

Who, pray tell, would you prefer? Note: neither God nor any other deity is running.

Without knowing what the entire slate of outtakes for this focus group comprised, perhaps the viewpoint of the group is being slanted, (not that CBS would cherry-pick what clips to air).

But maybe not.  Maybe they do represent a cross section of Americans of voting age.

If so, that’s just plain irritating.

This was the largest field of candidates in this writer’s memory and that goes back a long damn way.

A total of 24  recognized party candidates answered the call to the post this season, plus a smattering of the usual fringe third party aspirants.

With that many people to choose from, it’s hard to understand what this group and the likely tens of thousands of others like them really want.

They certainly couldn’t seem to articulate their qualifications for perfection in this clip.

It’s fine to be “mad as hell” but if that’s all you’ve got to offer, maybe it’s OK if you stay home.

A whole lot of people aren’t worshiping at the altar of the media and party-chosen potential ballot toppers.

What they are doing is picking someone that’s still in the race. They are participating.

Try that.  You might like it.

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