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The Diaper Generation speaks.

March 24, 2016

Quite frankly, this column was going to be about encouraging the non-radical followers of Islam to interact more visibly in their communities to help create a more positive view of Muslims.

But damn, it’s hard to be journalistically reasonable these days in the face of such ridiculous drivel as this.

The Big Headline online… “Vote for Trump graffiti causes Emory College students to fear Trump is out to kill them.”

It makes you want to start a GoFundMe page to raise money for diapers and pacifiers or start criminal proceedings against their parents for child endangerment for letting the little darlings out into the world.

You really want to hope that this baby talk is simply the result of a lack of attention, or that these embryonic human brains were somehow co-opted by aliens.

Unfortunately, this is just a very real result of the decades-long liberal grievance movement, and it’s not limited to a few Ivy League liberal colleges.

Is this the face of the next generation?

We’ve had the Baby Boomers, Gen X, the Millennials and now, the Diaper Generation.

Can you imagine, even for a moment, what the reaction would have been if a bunch of WASP (white Anglo-Saxon protestant) kids had done this in the face of Vote for Hillary chalk?

As veterans of the campus unrest of the 1960’s and ’70’s can tell you, chalk isn’t going to hurt anything but your carefully nurtured culture of victimization.

This is exactly the type of PC claptrap that causes people to ridicule Hillary and Bernie’s campaigns and drives them to Trump.

Still, you are entitled to your free speech, so here’s a slogan for Emory College that might similarly threaten the minds of the not-victims.

Vote for Hillary!  She will deliver free pacifiers for all!  If you donate, she might even include some fairy dust to dip them in.

That’s OK…no thanks needed.

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